Towing Trailer for Twizy

Can anyone advise where I can get a towing trailer like or similar to this

That’s a really good little trailer for a Twizy and I might just have to speak to them as I’d been considering something small that I could use behind my Panda 4x4 and until now nothing has been sufficiently small and light. So thank you for the link!

I take mine all over on a trailer. But I use a Quad bike trailer and strap ALL four wheels down. Bought of Flee bay and modded by me.

Perfect, looks great

I have been looking at quad bike trailers, most seen a little too small, but this will give me an idea and can get adaptions done

Thank you

I did and I have never dealt with such an unprofessional company,

I ordered one (£1670) so and ended up cancelling the order as things got so bad, hence why I am looking elsewhere

Mine was 1 Inch too narrow. So I widened it with two Aluminium box sections down each size. Total weight including Twizy 600KG, so no need to be braked. Mine has done a few thousand miles now.

The Twizy is balanced over the central axle which is why there is a big gap at the front. I can load it solo but easier to have someone watch you on. There are blocks which I drive the wheels upto. You can just see two axle stands under the rear end to stop it tipping up when driving the Twizy on or off when not connected to a tow vehicle. These where easier and more flexible than adding legs.

I have bought a quad trailer on the bay new and perfect size with a twin axle/lights etc and delivered, can get my friend to do any mods if needed as he has a specialist welding company - Thanks so much for your help

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Ozbrook - Trailer being delivered on Friday as is the Twizy, going to have the trailer altered slightly but where can I get the little drive on blocks you have at the rear of your picture and I assume they are welded on?


A bit late as I was away with no Internet access. (Took my Twizy with me on the trailer). The little ramps behind the rear wheels were home made. They are made of left over Aluminium from the trailer mods and are designed to clip on to the tail gate when down.

I thought somebody towing a trailer with a Twizy, great!
Unfortunately not :confused: