Just some queries regarding towing…

Can the Twizy be towed?

Is there a towing eye located at the front somewhere?

As I understand it being an ex-G-Wiz owner this is not possible due to the power train being connected full time although the G-Wiz does possess a towing eye.

Can the Twizy tow a small trailer?

The law as I undersatnd it being that that the Twizy is a quadracycle like the G-Wiz, this is not allowed.


Ministromer do one in Germany, but you may need to check the UK legalities. Andreas is very helpful there and may provide weight limits etc. link attached. €700 though😱

And picture,

Towing tithe Twiz is not possible. Check your user handbook for options.

For towing the Twizy see handbook - and select the 3rd link on the op

Whenever I get close to running out of battery charge, I start to wonder about towing the Twizy…

The manual basically says it’s OK to tow it on it’s wheels if the battery is discharged, but you should put it on a flatbed recovery vehicle if it’s broken down for other reasons.

Although the wording of Renault’s manual seems to suggest it’s the state of charge of the battery that affects whether you can tow it or not, I suspect that isn’t really an issue - they might just mean - don’t tow it on it’s wheels if there’s a problem with the car that could be dangerous (like, gearbox failure could lock up the rear axle for example.) In terms of battery charge, I can’t see how towing it appears any different to the controller than coasting or re-gen’ing down a hill with your foot off the pedals in normal driving. But don’t quote me on that if you tow a Twizy and the battery/controller explodes in some kind of apocalyptic fireball, haha.

Made a trailer to transport my twizy.

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