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Toyota’s turn to create a Twizy rival? From the image it looks like a more streamlined and probably cooler looking Twizy. Maybe Renault really have found a new market as every other manufacturer seems to be scrambling to release similar cars now.](“”)

You’d think that Apple would have trademarked the i(capital letter) everything…

Interesting-I will probably ditch mine for the first decent alternative at the same price that is not made by Renault, as long as they will take mine as p-ex

Interesting you should say this. I think if Toyota did indeed come out with this car and basically made it a much better quality version of a Twizy with proper doors and windows, I would be very tempted.

But then I’m sure Renault are already well into the design process for the Twizy II now that they know there is a market for this type of vehicle.

I’m having a downer with mine; mostly to do with having to deal with Renault again in the near future when it needs looking at again. My other vehicles are older and need constant upkeep and I justified buying this on it being new, pleasurable to use and no hassle to own. But it is a Renault after all is said and done, so the pleasure is going and the hassle is ongoing.

I would never buy a Renault again; I had to over-ride my gut feeling to buy into Renault this time round-and only bought in the end because it was a decent deal.
Not sure how to move forward. Perhaps a few decent, fault free runs in it might turn it round in my mind again and I’ll get over it!

Nice to see people are quick to ditch the twizy. Though menders position I can understand.

I like the Twizy, but wish it was not a Renault; best way to sum it up is that if someone else made the identical car, I would p-ex just to change brand

It’s not a case of ditching the Twizy, I love my Twizy. But like anything new models will inevitably come out with better features/specs/quality and I will inevitably upgrade at some point, unless of course the Twizy stays unique and no other manufacturer builds anything like it.

So Toyota released details of the iroad last week but unfortunately it only goes 28mph!

Other than that it looks incredible and actually tilts like a bike when cornering. I would have definitely bought one had it been able to go a bit faster. 28 is a bit too restricted for my liking.

Yes I have to say if they decide to make it commercially available at twice that 28 mph speed and if its not crazily expensive I’d change tomorrow! Having said that every time I drive the Twizy I still absolutely love it despite some quality issues. I’ve had 5 cars in the last 12 months including a Merc E, Jeep Wrangler , Range Rover Evoque and the Twizy still gives me more of a buzz every time. It suits my local based lifestyle 5 days a week and come the weekend I switch to a Defender for family stuff and outdoor adventures. I hope the Twizy goes from strength to strength, such innovative design that affects people so emotionally deserves to succeed!

Sorry looks funky but a lot to go wrong there, too slow, and I’m yet to drive a Toyota that hasn’t taken a strong dislike to my spine and this with that design will be no different. If a Twizy is supposed to be bad over bumps (so you all say, I’m yet to try it) then with that rear wheel design this will be awful.

Didn’t Toyotas suffer from sticking throttles? :lol:


There’s a new article (and video) of the i-road in action. Gotta say it does look pretty cool!! It looks as if it’s gliding around corners.

Thanks James. That’s one car that’s even cooler looking than the Twizy. Only thing is the production model needs windows. Then I’ll have one.

Yep - I noticed that it was window-less too. At least they didn’t mAke doors optional as well!

*]I will replace my Twizy with one of this, if it comes to the UK. I noticed it has got windows now.
[h=1]2014 Paris Motor Show: Toyota i-Road[/h] 11 hours ago by Mark Kane [URL=“”]2Comments]( i-Road]( i-Road

About two years ago, Toyota unveiled the i-Road concept, which matured to a production-ready road-legal version.
A fleet of these two-seater tricycle-format personal mobility vehicles (PMV) are used at car sharing project the Citélib by Ha:mo in Grenoble, France.
You can drive it without a helmet or protective clothing and it’s also weatherproof.
[INDENT]“PMVs are a new, more flexible type of transport for urban driving that is significantly more comfortable, weatherproof, stable and safe than scooters and motorcycles. While they share the zero-emissions and low running cost virtues of electric vehicles, their dimensions – in particular their width – are similar to a conventional two-wheeler, giving them the essential manoeuvrability needed for negotiating city traffic and easy parking.”
[/INDENT] Drivetrain is pretty small – two 1.9 kW electric motors are mounted in the front wheels.
Lithium-ion battery can supply i-Road for up to 30 miles/50km (target distance at a fixed 19mph/30km/h). Then charging takes three hours from a regular household outlet.]( i-Road

Interesting is Active Lean technology, without which it would be easy to roll over:
[INDENT]“Toyota’s new, entirely intuitive Active Lean technology is key to i-Road’s higher levels of stability, safety, comfort and enjoyment. Working in conjunction with rear-wheel steering, controlled by a conventional steering wheel, the system has a lean actuator motor and gearing mounted above the front suspension member and linked via a yoke to the left and right front wheels. An ECU calculates the required angle of lean, based on steering angle, vehicle speed and information from a gyro sensor. The system automatically moves the wheels up and down, in opposite directions, and can apply a lean angle to counteract the centrifugal force of cornering.
The system also operates when i-Road is being driven straight ahead on a stepped surface, the lean actuator automatically compensating for changes in the road surface to keep the body level.
Active Lean technology gives a unique driving experience, with all the enjoyment of two-wheeler riding, exceptional manoeuvrability and a minimum turning circle of just three metres, yet with no need for the driver to keep the vehicle stable at low speeds, or when stationary.
The fact the driver doesn’t have to put his or her feet on the road surface at any time allows i-Road have a safer, weatherproof, closed body construction. Not only does this mean the driver doesn’t have to wear a helmet, there is a more car-like environment inside, with the opportunity to install heating, an audio system and Bluetooth.”
[/INDENT]]( i-Road]( i-Road]( i-Road]( i-Road]( i-Road

Nice post, looks interesting, wonder what the UK price and battery arrangement will be?

This may be out of date, but 37mph and 31 mile range?

I’d want 60mph and 70 mile range to be interested, plus an all in price including the batteries under £10,000.

Great but UK spreed is limited to [FONT=arial]28mph! Not for nipping in traffic.[/FONT]

[h=5]iRoad video


[/h]Just now ·

What’s the point? Looks like a Curver, looks like it would take speed, but 28mph…?