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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts


Hi guys

Just had to book the Twizy in as the tracking is off and veers to the left, just wondering if anyone else has had a problem with this?


I don’t have that issue, mine goes really straight, I have to remember to grab the wheel when move off in a straight line in traffic.

Was it out from new, or have you hit something? The way mine used to launch itself I supprised I haven’t up set the tracking.

I got a deal off them for the showroom model so it had done 800 miles. I dont recall hitting anything but we do have a problem with potholes so its possible it could have been one of them. The fella in the showroom made it quite clear that it was fine when he drove it to the point that i was made to feel i had knowingly done it and was trying to cover it up lol.

What was the deal?

I am wondering if the one our dealer has will sell theirs off cheap. I would love 2 then the whole family will go out. I would use it as a project car.