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Trailer I built to carry my Twizy

Just thought others would like to see a photo of the trailer I built to move my Twizy to distant destinations. I used an old Sprite caravan chassis I bought on ebay for £100. It has brakes and with an all up weight of less than 700kg can be towed by quite a small car (I tow with a Fiat Panda). The wooden ramps are connected using heavy duty door hinges (the sort used on stables and barns). If any one is interested I can supply further details.

I also built my trailer. Un-Braked and a little longer. I have just returned from taking my Twizy on holiday with me round Parts of North Wales.
Towing behind my Motorhome ment it did not affect the MPG of the Motorhome, probably due to travelling a little slower.

Best thing I did was to take the Twizy on Holiday. Saved around £80 in Diesel. It also gave us the freedom to do different things.

Very neat!!! I think you should make more and sell them to Twizy owners.

We have a modified Smart Car trailer which will carry a Twizy (the wheel-bases are very similar). It was modified to remove the brakes - which we don’t need when towing a Twizy since it’s less than 500kg. It works pretty well, but I really hate towing trailers any distance (I find reversing a trailer somewhat stressful, particularly on narrow roads). But next week we’re embarking on a visit to a couple of Scottish islands, and have found that we can get a Twizy into a standard FWD Transit van with a mid-high roof. You need a couple of quad-bike ramps (£80) and some tie-down straps, but it’s hopefully going to be less of a hassle. Here’s a picture:

Fortunately, I don’t have doors, or I might have to travel to Scotland in the back of the van!

Love it!