Trailer to tow with a Twizy


Im tring to find a trailer to drive thinks around with my Twizy, i need a cover or closet one, preferible lockeble…

Ani idea?


Behind your Twizy or to put it on? Probably behind.
Don’t know where you live, but Hornbach sells the Humbauer Steely.
You can buy it with or without cover. I own one for towing behind a “normal” car.
It’s light and cheap, should work behind a Twizy.



Here in the UK the Twizy it isn’t legal to tow a trailer on public roads.

As you need a small trailer try looking at children carriers for push bikes.

Do you have a tow ball yet? I have seen some pictures of the tow ball being mounted where the Number plate is as there are some chassis members behind it.


Nice trailer but at 120KG empty it is a lot to pull for a Twizy if you add any load.

I was thinking more like this (also a bit cheaper)$ja=tsid:94971|cid:868641114|agid:42483202303|tid:pla-329286737014|crid:203186066877|nw:g|rnd:10122713772084433238|dvc:c|adp:1o1|loc:9046379&gclid=CjwKCAjwoNrMBRB4EiwA_ODYv23m71wnlbHiNiU_VkzHZ1L2VCNwjGbqdsn_BisSYwW5EBnksTCj8RoC-AYQAvD_BwE

It is light, but not sure how it behaves at 80 km/h or almost 100km/h for a tuned twizy.
I think that once a trailer rolls, the weight is not a big issue. Adding a passenger of 100 kg for example does not change the performance of the Twizy that much. Since it has no brakes you should not be loading it to the 750 kg it’s rated for since it will be heavier than the Twizy, but up to 300kg total weight should not be a problem.
In Germany you can buy a Twizy towbar, rated for 180kg but knowing the Germans that’s probably a very safe value.



So more like this

Try these

Bushtec: > $4000!!!

So now you know the area to start looking. Secondhand Motorcycle Trailers. There must be cheaper ones for Motor bikes. Just a case of finding one.

Thanks gays.
Very helpful!
I need to find sometnik similar, i need to use it at speeds les than 50km/h, only in town four moving thinks around my old city with nerow streets, many are to nerow four the twizy :slight_smile:
But i can use fou r more think and ill will not pit in more than 150/200kg…
Mostly i like to not schrech the inside when i put sometnik in…
Thnaks agein

You can look HERE for the tow hitch, the price and the recommendation for the trailer. I believe the inventor/engineer will help you with your questions.

Oh wait, look HERE to see what the trailer hitch equipped Twizy can pull :slight_smile:

Both my EV’s on show in that clip :smiley:

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Haha Good Show! :slight_smile:

Would you mind telling us Twizy folks a bit about your Bundes Twizy Treffen in Munich?

It is not unlawful to tow with a Twizy in the UK. That Twizy does not have EU type approval for towing means only that Renault never submitted it for consideration for approval, and as a consequence no one will manufacture any towing equipment specifically for the car.

If you can build - or have built - towing equipment that complies with the necessary EU regs then you could quite lawfully tow with Twizy. However, with the weight of a trailer and contents you would need to keep an eye on weights so as not to exceed limits for the vehicles class.

But lawfully and physically it’s perfectly feasible, although potentially challenging.


Well thats a first, Twizy towing a Tesla lol


Although old this may also answer a question of another thread about the Twizies power for getting up hills. This is on the flat but it is the initial power to get it rolling that is important.


So, this is originaly from that German tow hitch - Ministromer site…

  • Support load 30 kg
  • trailer load 180 kg at 8% gradient

So there should be more problem with towing uphill and downhill than something else. Also 30 kg suppot load is a little bit less than 75kg on normal car tow hitch. I guess there will be good enough for some box like in the piczures or even some bike rack like Thule