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Transfering the battery agreement

As I am purchasing a registered car with a battery leased by the current owner, thought I would share the experience…

Renault EV send a transfer form so that the seller/purchaser of the Twizy agree to transfer the battery lease agreement. The buyer states on the form, the number of miles and length of the agreement. We did this electronically, scanning the agreement and e-mailing it back to Renault (RCI Financial Services). Renault then draw up a new agreement. It also states on the form that you can transfer the agreement to a trader, auctioneer etc. The Warranty on the battery then starts after you have signed the agreement.

Will post again about the completion of the agreement. Hopefully it will reassure Twizy owners about transfer of ownership/selling.

Thanks for sharing. This is probably one of the first private Twizy sales in the country so it’s interesting to hear your experience of how it all works :slight_smile:

I have said form with my agreement paperwork, should I wish to sell.

Renault Electric sent a PDF of the battery agreement to me. You sign and date the agreement, fill in the Direct Debit transaction, and send a proof of your signature from a passport or driving licence. Renault e-mail the vendor that the agreement has been transferred, and authorize the vendor to release the car. Job done… Pick up my Twizy tonight!

Awesome, I’m actually excited for you! Whereabouts do you have to pick it up from?

It’s amazing how quickly that 9mths of ownership of my Twizy has gone, with over 3000 miles travelled (even with 3mths in the garage!)… my well documented events have led me to want out and sell. Just looking through the Battery Rental agreement, I have been working through their formula of compensation to Renault, for my early termination of this contract: Compensation= total cost of the rental (minus tax =40.83) for the period of hire (36mths) * 0.38 * Unused months remaining (27mths) **divided by the period of hire (36mths) - 4. So here goes: 1469.880.3827 / 36-4 = ** £471.30… SO I OWE RENAULT £471.30!!! So be warned Twizy Friends… I haven’t got this checked out yet, but I am not impressed by this… oh and there is a £65 admin charge making it the most expensive car exchange I have ever experienced at £536.30 - I am not happy.

Forgot to add the VAT at 20%…

I don’t understand the math… I am buying a used Twizy, what option do I go for! 12, 24 or 36… I have even read on this forum you are better to go for the £45 and take the fine if you go over!

It does not sound good what you are saying.


I don’t see the issue. You signed a contract right? If you sign a contract you usually have to pay up if you want out. Or am I missing something?

I have a 6000 mile 3 year contract so with VAT It costs £48.99 a month. So make sure the price quoted includes the vat. Don’t worry about my complaining about wanting to terminate my contract as I had not fully considered the compensation formula previously as I did not intend to change my car… circumstances do change however and I think that the £600+ payment they will demand is pretty steep. Imagine the contract like a mobile phone agreement where you owe the full amount that you commit to , regardless of whether a new offer comes along that is better. You commit to the terms you sign up to… however with a mobile phone you own the product to enable you to sell on…You never own the Renault battery at the end of the contract.

48.99 inclusive, is that the current prices? Is there anywhere online I can view the different battery options?

Thank you

Update, I have found it now… Have you seen all this stuff about batteries? What is going to happen?

I have a Vectrix bike that was supplied complete with its battery and a 5 year warranty. Not having to pay any ongoing use fee was a powerful incentive, and well established. The Twizy rental deal - to me anyway - appears to be a rescue and service package, with replacement insurance should the sells deteriorate below 75%.

Currently, my bike battery is operating at 40% efficiency, and I’m putting up with this as the alternative is a £4,000 replacement pack cost. I just don’t have the funds to arrange a replacements.

My pending Twizy purchase requires a battery commitment for 12, 24 or 36 months. My take is if I go for the middle option - at month 25 I stop paying, then my breakdown assistance, battery warranty etc will expire. Not that Renault Finance have any right of ownership to my battery pack, and any ability to remove it and prevent my continued use and enjoyment of my vehicular purchase. The small print which I have not yet seen) may take an alternative view, but I would certainly argue this would be deemed unfair if challenged in court.

Had anyone taken a 12 month battery package had feedback about what happens on expiry?

My initial resistance to buying the Twizy was the fact that you have to lease the batteries. I just didn’t like the idea of having to pay out a monthly sum to Renault. That’s no different from putting petrol in. However I eventually came round to the thinking that it wasn’t such a bad idea. Having heard stories about the Nissan Leaf will be worth virtually nothing a few years down the road because replacement batteries will cost £8K, and in your case £4K for your bike, it doesn’t seem such a bad idea that Renault will be responsible for the batteries, no matter what.
It will be interesting to see the first case of someone not continuing to pay for the batteries after the contract period. Renault owns the batteries so they have the right to repossess them. But will they, with all the hassle involved. We will have to wait and see.

Yes that link I posted above, did you take a read, about them stopping battery lease? I can’t see them coming after people as well, I like to see them remove the battery, and leave you without, can’t see it myself.

Askho - agreed. On a rough equivalence, I would have paid Vectrix around £2,000 since the original purchase date - this would have at least kept my range up and not have to worry about my pending £4k exchange fee. I agree however that when you are told your Road Tax is £0, but your fuel is £600.00pa if you do 4k miles that’s 15p/mile in ADDITION to your electricity costs. Factor in insurance at (on average) £500pa - the Eco argument starts to falter as the additional annual costs start to become unreasonable.

The fact Renault are considering ‘including’ the battery cost is sensible, but I hope it’s an option only. As I have found personally, there could be a lot of immobile Twizy’s come 2016!

My Twizy battery agreement has been filed under “won’t need it again” so God knows where it is, but I seem to remember the jist being that the batteries were wholly owned by Renault and that the cost of removal was chargeable if payment was not made. I remember the insured value being around £3000.

As above, it begs the question as to what happens if you come the end of the battery hire period or refuse to pay the payments. If the car is otherwise owned outright-what can they do? I guess they try to get them back, and if needed would repossess them, charging the removal cost to you in addition.

The crux with this, however is cost-but I was paying £54 per month for mine
54 x 36 months = £1944
54 x 48 months = £2592

So if the cost of swap is 3-4 hours labour, say £350 and the battery lasted approx 4 years and there was some recyclable value in the old battery of say £850, it would take four years to balance hire against purchase:

£3000 battery + £350 fitting - £850 old battery value (guesstimate) - £2592 (4 years hire cost) = £92 cheaper. IF the battery lasts that long, IF you don’t need breakdown or charging cover.
However, if you add a finance cost to buying the battery, it would take five years.

So, without any current option for an alternative battery supplier, it does seems that the hire system is the best current option by Twizy owners.

But I wonder who/which country is going to test the water with Renault first and refuse to pay or renew?

Good News: The transfer of the battery contract to a dealer does not enact the compensation clause, so much happiness. We have had a great few days here in Essex and life in the Twizy is amazing with a good breeze, a full charge of juice and some good tunes on the phone. Car has had a thorough valet yesterday and it looks grand… It is almost enough to banish the 3mths it took to repair it… I could have sold three Twizy’s yesterday to passers by and my neighbours are all keen on my progress, so it is with real sadness when I explain what has happened… but here’s to hoping we have a good summer and a warm autumn to avoid putting the dreadful Renault windows back on as the dealer broke my hand made originals.

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Would anyone have a contact number for the battery lease agreement guys at Renault?


I presume you mean the Renault Finance people. Their Customer Service no. is 0871 987 0091.
Beware : small print says you will be charged 10p/min on BT landline. Other network varies