Translating home energy savings into Twizy miles / applying perspective to energy waste

We’re already pretty energy conscious at home with LED lighting, making the most of our solar panels and turning things off etc. - We currently pay £62 per month for gas and electricity combined, which is pretty good.

Since owning the Twizy I’m conscious that our energy bills are likely to go up so I’m looking for further savings we could make.

I’ve already found an easy one to start with:

In our garage is an old Dustbuster vacuum cleaner we don’t use as it lasts for only a few seconds and blows dust in your face!

Fully charged it consumes 5.5 Watts, which doesn’t sound much, but that’s 0.132kWh per day = 48.18kWh per year.

Turning it off saves enough electricity to travel ~400 miles in the Twizy.

This is an easy one to start with but I’m looking for more.