TRIGO : a luggage carrier for Twizy

Hello! This is my youngest baby : the TRIGO.
It is a very light luggage carrier with 3 positions specifically designed for Twizy. He is also a bike rack, which is really new, but it also can be discreet in neutral position. Featured in this video [video=youtube_share;IyvWk94KYcs][/video]

wow, i want one of those racks, where did u get them from?


Thanks for your comment ! I did it by myself, but if you are interested, I can provide. I have to determine the price that I estimate between 100 and 150€.

Did you bend it yourself or modify an exisiting rack?, also have you some close up shots as im intreged as to where your pick up points are…


I don’t bend the pieces myself, it is mechanicaly already done.

The multi-function rack is now covered with PVC UV treated for longer life and better protection of the body and luggage.
Additional detailed pictures in this article

Here is a video that explains how to install the TRIGO. It takes less than 30 minutes! The price is 120€.

Nicely done.


Where do I buy this brilliant carry all

Thank you all for your appreciation! It makes me really happy because I think it’s really something that improves the Twizy.
I manufacture and sell it directly.
The price is 120 € + shipping (€ 25 for the United Kingdom, € 30 for Norway)
Payment is by Paypal.

Follows a new video showing the change of position in 4 minutes.

Looks great-clever design.

Solves the bike carrying issue!

Just received my TRIGO brilliant thanks Christian

How can i buy? Please pm… I live in belgium…

I sent you en private message. Any problem ?

New : TRIGO-LF ! To play golf !

Further information

Could you send us some pictures when you will have installed / loaded it ?

Getting my Twizy somewhere in May, maybe June. It’s a big chance that I will be interested for Trigo. Is it still available? I’m from Slovenia