Trip to the Netherlands - Charging Adapter Needed

This summer I’m planning to go on a trip to a fantasy fair in the Netherlands. My idea is, I make an adventure out of it and travel all the way and back with my Twizy.
The trip will take multiple days (instead of 3 hours by ICE car), which gives me time for city-tripping while my Twizy recharges every 50 km.

The Netherlands is a top country for driving electric, since the tiny country has 5800 public charging points (est. end 2014).
I contacted The New Motion, a Dutch charging point company that partners with other charging point companies to create a network of compatible charging points. They work with RFID-cards for accessing charging points.

I asked some questions about my trip, and they told me that all of their public charging points are Mennekes, something the Twizy doesn’t have.

Being from Belgium and not the UK, that gives me a slight advantage in distance, so that’s a positive.

Are there any Schuko (Type F)-to-Mennekes or French (Type E)-to-Mennekes converters available on the market today for the Twizy? I would research myself, but I know far too little from electricity to make an informed decision.

If not, I need to look for another solution.

Thank you for reading.

Wow!! That’s going to be some adventure. Good luck with it and keep us posted.
Unfortunately can’t help you with any information about adaptors since I always charge at home and have done no research on adaptors. Maybe some of the others who regularly use public charging can help you.

My secondary option is to ask the locals directly, or call the Renault dealers on my trip. But the better option to me is if there would be a converter available.

This adapter could help you i would think.

Thank you for this. Really going to check it out! :smiley:

In case you visit Maastricht you can charge for free in front of my house with your original Twizy schuko plug. Just send me a pm :wink: A full charge from Maastricht will bring you somewhere between Roermond/Venlo.
Indeed in The Netherlands the majority of public charge points use the Mennekes plug.

Thank you for the offer, Harrie.

I live in the Belgian part of Limburg (near Hasselt), so going to Maastricht to drive via Venlo is a bit of a detour. I can get to Eindhoven by driving simply north and recharging at a local Renault dealer in the northern part of the province, but from there my options seem limited.
I will keep your offer in mind though, should something happen; or if I just fancy a trip to Maastricht. :wink: