Have a look at:
Renault Twizy in 111 km/h in a small downhill on the highway

“I’m moving top speed barrier from 84 km / h to 115 km/h
and Increases Torque from 55 Nm to 80 Nm”

greetings from germany,

Brilliant but what does it do to the range?
So it is also a lot quicker off the mark.

Does it take much to programme the ecu and doors it need much equipment?

Thanks for sharing.

Very interested in the equipment to do this, please tell me more :slight_smile:

All i know are the details in the two links.

I think you will have a profile-switch to switch between normal and tuned. I guess the range will drop at constantly 115 km/h to somewhat 25 km. But if you go slower you will just have your normal range.

I have sent a message to him regarding the kit ( I think :smiley: )

Got a reply back this morning, and the kit to "tune "the cars is about £750, so need to gauge some interest. If I can get a couple of definates at about £200 a go, then may well get the kit. I think he charges about £300 if you send your ECU to him.
anyone interested, pop me a PM.

I already have the interface from other projects and already bought files from this seller for the twizy. I’am not willing to resell his work and reserch…but in the near future I do hope to offer the delimiting, switchable profiles and hopefully hill assist if there are enough people interested ( I have a 12 years+ background in electronics, software and vehicle remapping) from my own progressions and have logged enough Dyno time to know what effects it has on motor temperature increases and battery life before it becoming a product.

115kmh = 72mph 8-|
Would be very interested if this Mod becomes available :slight_smile:
Always wanted the Twizy to do a genuine 60 mph :smiley:


Just thinking about the legal side of this Mod…
115kmh works out to 72mph which is considered the maximum speed a Quadricycle can do with the maximum 15Kw (21bhp) allowed.
So I don’t think there would be a problem with the Twizy classification. :slight_smile:


Keep the batteryleasing in mind. If the battery gets fried i dont know if the renaultbank wants to give you a new one.
Maybe it doesnt affekt the battery, but maybe it does.

Been thinking about what effect this Tuning Mod will do to the range.
If you use the current 30/50 rule and extend it, you will get the following :-

70 Miles at 10mph
50 Miles at 30mph
30 Miles at 50mph
10 Miles at 70mph

I would still love the Mod for those short journeys that I do :smiley:


Another thought just occurred…
Reading the information above it seems that a Laptop is plugged in and the Parameters changed to remove the restriction.
I wonder if it could be used the other way, to extend the range.
I have noticed that if you drive the Twizy so you only use two thirds power on the power gauge, it does wonders for the range.
But the car will still do 52mph, it just takes longer to get there.
Wonder if the parameters could be lowered so you only have two thirds throttle available???
A nice Mod then would be to have a 3 way selector switch so that you could select Economy, Standard & Tuned Mappings :slight_smile:


My plan for mine is to have switched -

  1. standard torque with 60mph limiter
  2. increased torque + 60mph limiter
  3. hill assist/ hold
    but any combination would be possible, even if it was just 2 versions of torque increases or 2 speed limits.

might have the hill hold on a momentary switch so it’s a auto release handbrake and also there are notes about having this function active all the time in the controller specs for road going vehicles as it can act strange if it loses traction whist driving.

hill assist/ hold

What is this and how will it work?


It it prevents the vehicle rolling backwards when you take your foot off the brake when on an incline, all my other vehicles have it already but it works it in a slightly different way on them as it actually holds the rear brakes on until you move away, on the twizy it would hold using the motors.

I understood what it is but it sounds like a good way to damage the motor. Surely it would over heat quickly if not spinning?

Ás more power is used in moving of then it would quickly eat it to the range. Stalling electric motors is not a good idea.

Its not stalling when it’s torque controlled rather than it’s hit it’s designed power upper limit and it’s also a AC motor not a DC, it’s a feature used in many other applications of the Gen4 controller to prevent creeping when the accelerator is not engaged or when its steering forklifts.The feature is not meant to be used a replacement for the brake it would only be engaged for the time it takes for you to take your foot from the brake to the accelerator pedal, planting your foot as hard and fast as you can on every incline I think would use more power to move off. But as in the first post these are all only plans until I have tested the exact effects if any all this has.

Wonder if the parameters could be lowered so you only have two thirds throttle available???

You can do that with your own foot. Just dont accelerate so much and thats it.

You can do that with your own foot. Just dont accelerate so much and thats it.

Obvious :rolleyes:
But it would be nice to have the switched option.
Much more accurate and also safer because you won’t be keeping one eye on the Power Meter :slight_smile:


What would work well here is a progressively accelerator that got harder to press the further down it went. That way no need to switch profiles and power always there for two up on a hill. If the last third or rather the third bar was very stiff they you wouldn’t use it as much.