Twice the range by 2017... but


In line with it’s ‘‘sister’’ the Nissan Leaf, it has been announced by Renault that the new Zoe will have its range doubled by 2017 with a brand new design inside out. Apart from affecting the sales of current Zoe as some people will probably prefer to wait until the new model arrives, some questions were raised by the current owners of Zoe and the possibility of upgrading to the new batteries as when the current one reach the maximum 75% charge.

It is only speculation but it seems that the new designed battery will not fit the current model and that Renault will put in place a plan to buy back the first Zoe (also to encourage people to buy the Zoe until 2017) if customers decide to purchase the newly designed model.

The Twizy comes into mind and the question about a new Twizy by 2017 and if not will we be able to upgrade the battery pack to extend the range under the battery lease agreement?

Hope you can understand me as my English is not always understandable… been French!

Renault sold the Twizy before the Zoe was out and dealers promised to buy the Twizy back if swapping for a Zoe. They then offer after less than 1 year a trad in value of £2500-£3000. A big drop from around £8000 new. As you can see forget the promise of a buy back.

Although in Dec 2014 there were still more Twizys than Zoe’s I doubt that there will be a Twizy 2. It would be completely different. So if you have a good one it will be worth hanging on to.

What would you expect from a Twizy II greater range? The Twizy wasn’t intended to be used for longer trips and the only thing the bigger battery would do is mean you only charge one a week rather than twice ( I know, but it is an example)

Interesting thread

As you said, the chance of Renault buying back is nil, given the problems Twizy owners who bought whilst waiting for the ZOE had.
The ZOE is being heavily discounted, I was recently offered a 13 plate pearl white Dynamique Zen with 10 miles on for under £8k plus monthly B/hire…the same price as a Twizy Technic with doors…

Personally, if asked what a Twizy II needed, I would say;
Guaranteed 50 mile range, fast charge option, 60mph, all foibles ironed out (charger/calipers/discs/hazard light switch/seat base/tyre supply etc), standard bluetooth and skyroof, option to purchase a guaranteed life-span battery. Front seat back to be made soft to avoid facial injuries to rear passenger in front impact.
Better Renault windows, perhaps using a channel like a caravan awning and roll up plastic panels. Losing the scissor doors and coming up with a better side solution would be worthwhile; one side could be closed permanently if needed.
As said though, I think the Twizy will be dropped and not replaced with a new model; over time it will become a cult collectable.

I really like the ZOE and at £8k new plus BH it even just about makes financial sense-if you could be sure of the level of depreciation, but a Hyundai i10 pre reg at the same money would depreciate less and the BH cost would cover all the fuel.

Mender, it’s the first time I see someone criticizing the scissor doors. What do you think is wrong with them?

Not a criticism; I like them and they are stylish, but their design makes the fitment of windows a pain.

There may be a better solution to “fill the gap”, feel secure, keep the weather out, keep the windows ventilated and the Twizy experience pure.
Not sure what, but it may be different to scissor doors!

As someone who doesn’t have doors, but has driven hundreds of miles in Twizys that do, the only criticism I would have of their *design *is that they can be quite scary when opened in a cross-wind gale! :lol: Needless to say, windows (any windows, I’d suggest) make this much worse. I still don’t like doors because I find them claustrophobic and they paradoxically make me feel wetter in the rain unless there is a strong cross wind, but if the vehicle has to have them, then the current design is the only one I can think of that wouldn’t require serious chassis strengthening and keeps the profile of the Twizy narrow when parked up.

What I would be quite happy to have (i.e. would buy!) - and maybe I’m agreeing with Mender on this - is an optional “clip on” piece that you can remove completely when you don’t want it. More like a removable hardtop, perhaps. This would obviously be for Twizys *without *fitted doors!

I was also tempted by a second hand Zoe after my wife crashed her Peugeot 107 just over 2 weeks ago and it was declared a write-off by the insurance company but she does so little mileage that the monthly battery rental (if I read correctly) was higher than her monthly fuel bill and most off the second hand Zoe I have seen locally did not have the extra cable to plug in. I really want to be Eco Friendly but my wallet said no!

I agree that a minimum 50 miles guaranty will be a must for me as in the winter time my daily commute around London with the lights on and the occasional wipers and screen heater leave me with around 6/8 miles at best to spare so I need to charge every day of my working week + week-end. I can charge from work as well and do so to top up and to be on the safe side.

I only have to travel 15 miles each way but I get lots of traffic and at worse it can take me up to 2 hours so everything is switch off when still for long periods of time and it is amazing what you can do with a smart phone when stuck and waiting for the traffic to move.

My daily commute is made of around 80% B roads and 20% A roads with medium size towns to cross. 60 miles/h will be useful on A roads and to annoyed those BMW series 3 drivers… i don’t know why but they seems to be the most aggressive when they see the Twizy.

Also travelling into London at week-ends or evenings with the Twizy especially in the warmer days is a real treat as you can see places you don’t usually see on the Tube but London is big and not all charge pods have 3 pins plugs or are not available or are not working… the list goes so it can be a lottery even with the appropriate App to locate the one you want… and I do a lot of this with my daughters (one at a time but it’s extra weight) so yes 50 miles guaranty will be very handy.