TwizCover Review

We’re moving house soon and there’s half a chance my Twizy will have to live outside for a year until I build a bigger garage. So I thought I’d protect it while it lives in the wet, cold environment of Cheshire.

Although I wanted the OEM cover, it is no longer available through Renault and is over £300.
So I brought a Twiz Cover from, it seemed the most reasonably priced/bespoke option available. For just over £100, including postage, I thought why not.

So initial impression, I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed.

I’d been debating with the Mrs what colour to go for, black or orange, I finally went with orange as I thought it would be good in the large work’s carpark to be more visible. Truth is it’s not as bright as i thought it would be, almost a muddy orange upclose, not the end of the world, but I can see it fading pretty quickly if left in the sun.

2nd “issue” is that it’s not as fitted as i’d hoped too, an elasticated edge would make it a much better fitting cover. Others have already noted they’ve added bulldog/dog lead clips etc for ease of clipping onto the springs, I can see myself doing something similar. It’s most noticable at the front/rear where the cover is just flapping in the wind. Maybe I’ll rope the Mrs into helping sew on bit of elasticated edging to improve this.

Final small point, more of a improvement recommendation. As with the OEM Renault cover, door mirror pockets would be a good addition, again not the end of the world, but it would also help with fitting and securing. It can get quite windy up here and it would be the ultimate failsafe. It also means you have to fold the mirrors to use the cover which even now, with only one use, is annoying me.

Good points, overall quality seems very good. material seems more of a canvas/soft top than the usual plasticy covers. Seems like they spent quite a bit of money on their badge, it does help work out which way to install it.

Any who will update in the future if I have anything to add, for now it’s a good, cheap cover that will do the job.

P.s. Also Twiz Cover, if you’re reading this and doing a v2.0 It needs a nice carry case/bag, adm it’s somewhat stuffed into a bag for life.

Here is mine - It’s a multi Cycle cover from Halfords.

and in use at work!

Bikehut All Weather Multi Bike Cover
The Bikehut All Weather Multi Bike Cover is waterproof and way way big enough to protect 4 or less bikes from icky dirt and moisture. By using this simply genius cover, gone are the days of your going to mount your bike only to find it’s all damp and coated in alien grime.

Bikehut All Weather Multi Bike Cover Extra Info
Strong waterproof fabric to protect your bike from moisture and dirt
Breathable multi-layer material to prevent condensation build-up
Dimensions: (L) 196cm, (W) 140cm, (H) 127cm

I just use a large quad bike cover, which I also use to cover my trike when I’m away on holiday on it.

My OEM cover.

I got a few extra if anyone wants to buy one.