Twizcover Review?

I was wondering how many people here have bought a Twizcover? (The ad at the top of the page).

How good are they? Would you recommend? Anyone fancy writing a review?

I looked at getting one of those but as my Twizy lives outside I wanted one that covered the wheels too.

I got mine from Specialised Covers, a top quality product, expensive but worth it IMO.

I bought one this year. It fits perfectly and takes no time to put on. You just have to know which end is the front. It isn’t marked as such. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than the Renault original. I would recommend buying it. Right now the summer weather is here in Sweden so I’m not using it as much.

I’ve also bought one, as said above fits beautifully, the only thing I’ve added to make it quicker in the rain is dog clips to each of the tethers and just quickly clip the cover to the springs. Worked really well all winter, I tend to look at the weather and only bring it with me when its going to be heavy rain.

Hope this helps