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Twizy 12v battery

Hi folks can anyone explain does the separate 12v battery run lights etc ?? So battery power is not drained more from night running etc ? If so don’t understand the threads ref LED Lights . Save power ? Cheers mark

I dont fully understand how the electrics work yet, but I imagine that the car has an ecu, that robs charge from the traction battery to recharge the 12 volt one.
The car would not be able to have the lights on for long if it just had a separate 12 volt battery, so by using low power bulbs you are technically saving power, but I seriously doubt it makes much difference, or Renault would have already done it surely.

Thanks Lightly makes much more sense now . Didn’t know there was a separate battery .
Thanks Mark

If some of us were looking to add a stereo or something similar that would drain the battery, would something like this prolong the power sapping?


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No, in fact it is of less use on the Twizy. It is there to smooth the spikes from a car with an alternator and ignition system with poor smoothing and when using a very high watt amp.

If you want to protect the Twizy 12v battery then add a second. Motor bike or Alarm batteries are small enough to fix in the boot.

Wait for it … Fit a Solar panel on the Twizy roof to charge this accessory battery.:razz:

If you let the 12v battery go flat the Twizy goes completely dead and will not accept a charge. The traction battery however retains whatever charge it has, but you cannot access this without recharging the 12v battery - then everything is back to normal.