Twizy 2012 sale price?

Hi there

Looking for advice / thoughts on private sale price for a 2012 dynamic 3.5k miles fsh twizy with tyw rain solid windows, clean condition no issues?

Doesn’t seem to be anything available from usual pricing sources, going by auto trader lowest in country is £3k.

Was also thinking part exchange but not sure if that would just be a can of worms!

Answers on a postcard!?

I’d say you’re looking at about £3700.

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£3700 seems a bit high to me.
Very recently Moiz’s '15 Technic with 4300 miles on the clock only went for £3750. I think a low £3K is more like it, but you might have to be patient. A '12 Twizy is already out of warranty and might be a liability if anything goes wrong.


What could possibly go wrong! :scream:

True. I’m forgetting it’ll be out of warranty now.

What have been usually claimed under warranty?
Off the top of my head
brakes, discs pads and calipers
door springs
hazard light switch

Cracked seat (me and door risers)
12V battery
and the Throttle !

It’s had all three of them replaced just before warranty ran out lol!


And as per osbrook the throttle too!

Although, as a seller, this might not concern you, we have had 5 chargers replaced, 3 of them (fortunately) before the warranty ran out. After that, they cost about £1000 to replace. Yours might already have been swapped, and it’s easy (I think) to tell if it has. The new chargers draw about 1900 watts rather than the 2200 watts the originals did.

So what are the symptoms of a Charger failure please - won’t charge at all or some other symptom?

Either won’t charge at all, or only charges for a short time and gives up… Sometimes, the fault is due to a higher voltage than the charger is designed for, but in our case all the units were faulty.

Understood, thanks, hopefully our 2012 charger keeps working! Although my wife has just come home with a dead Parrot unit, so I’m off to look at fuses now I think. Anyone have a fuse panel schematic, as the lid to our is missing? Thanks,.

Thanks again for all the feed back on the pricing issue!

Isn’t that bad? 5 chargers??? I had one replaced just before the warranty ran out as it refused to charge. And of course Renault have you by the goolies because the car is useless without it and then you continue to pay your monthly rental for nothing.

Sorry to liven up an old thread.

I am looking to sell my Late 2012 Twizy now, it ran out of warranty a month ago, done 11000 miles, all new tyres and brakes. Got the Twyrain windows as well as Renault ones and is also fitted with OVMS. Only things done on Warranty is the handbrake handle, hazard switch and 12v battery on it’s last service last month. What sort of price sounds fair for selling it?


I would be interested in buying your original Renault Windows if you are willing to sell. Chances are you will not get any more for it with two sets. I bought my Twizy before Christmas, 3000 miles, twyrain windows in perfect condition for £2750. So far been great with no problems.

Hey @wildfireone,

I’m new to this forum and am looking to purchase a twizy if you are still interested in selling!

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Hi @Magz

I am still looking to sell, what part of the country are you in?