Twizy 45 converted to an 80

Has anyone converted a 45 to an 80? I’m interested to know if it is only the motor, gearbox and inverter that needs to be changed over and if all the mounting points and cable connections are the same for both. There are some salvage 80’s available for a reasonable price and this option for me would be cheaper than selling the 45 and upgrading to an 80.

I want to do the opposite…
The information I got hold of from Renault is that the motor and the gearbox are the same. It’s only the control unit that gives the 80 more current.
Perhapps you can just by a tuning box.

A Powerbox will do just that. It plugs into the ODBC socket and reprograms the computer, so it will run like a standard 80.

The 45 is also lighter than 80…so it it just firmware really?

No they are different, the powerbox only makes the 45 drive like a standard 80. The Powerbox on the 80 makes a big difference to performance.

Hi. The motor is the same-this is true. the sevcon controller is bigger size - true…the gearbox…here you are wrong. the ratio of twizy 45 is higher due to fact that the current is limited by possibility of the sevcon

I have both of twizys…I bought realy disassembked and damaged twizy 45 for the spare part for my 80 after crash…so i have dusassembled both of them and now I have right knowledge about this

Unfortunately I have no experiences with original battery due fact that i built my own with 300Ah capacity and 15s configuration…


Did you managed to convert it?

…I wonder what would happen to a twizy T80 with Kenneth PowerBox and the gears of the T45…CRAZY ACCELERATION??? :slight_smile:

May be with a very lame top speed of barely 80kmh.