Twizy 52mph Speed Limiter

It’s been noticed by myself and a few others that there does indeed seem to be a speed limiter on the Twizy.

When hitting downward slopes and already doing 52mph, the Twizy seems to pull back to prevent gravity from making it go any faster than 52mph.

Does anybody know anything about why this is? Is it a limitation with electric motors or the way the electric motor and energy regeneration works on the Twizy?

From my experience its a bit of hit and miss, an example i drive on the motorway at 56 MPH no problem and thats still with some space of the accelerator i.e not flat out however i have noticed going down hill then it holds back at approx 52MPH from online reading/manual it seems to suggest its to stop damage to the motor/recharge but thats all i have found.

Will keep an eye on it over the next few days to see if its just down hills or not but i have hit 56MPH with no issue but the battery miles did go down a few bars at keeping at that speed :wink:

You’re lucky!


I’m sure the rest of us can only hit 52mph

I too can only get 52mph on the flat or down hill. Helps with not picking up speeding tickets though. :roll:

Noticed this straight away yesterday when I first drove it, surely its better to let off down hill and let it charge a bit :mrgreen:

True but sometimes you want to go. Or at least find out if you can beat 52MPH. :smiley:


I hit 72mph (115 km/h) the other day

Downhill, neutral… way past 52…

Never ventured into the late 70’s (would be worried about over speeding the diff / motor too much which is permanently mechanically engaged) but Twizy is stable at those speeds.

One would think that a chip could remove the speed limiter, however, the warranty will be null and void for sure given the battery draw and charge would be outside of the warrantied ranges. Given my recent repair of a new battery pack after 2 weeks of ownership, I must say that I am real glad to have it. The CrazyTwizy will pull to 52mph on a flat road wanting to do more. So I think it does have more legs than advertised.

The cheapest and easiest way to controll/set your max top speed is with the OVMS.
Just by sending a SMS to the car you can raise it or set it back to original, f.ex. before a service.
Set mine to 100km/h, does neither stress the batteries or the motor/gearbox.

There is a German Company that sell gizmos that you plug into the diagnostic port.
These have different modes that override the limiter :smile:


Mine does go over 52 down hill in gear had 58 the other day thats with foot off the accelerator


Hi how did you unrestrict the twizy.i want to do the same.

Hi Johnny_J - do you mind pointing me in the right direction on how you do what you did? OVMS, sending an SMS to control and set your top speed is very interesting :slight_smile: where did you get the item? Thx - CrazyTwizy

Hardware: also need a couple of antennas and a flash programming unit.
There is a certain bit of reading before you get the whole picture
Got to the links and download “Twizy user guide” as a start.

There is also this german site where you need to register and download the latest Twizy firmware, The OVMS unit needs to be flashed with this before you can use it.

It took me a few hours to set everything up.

I use the OVMS and the acceleration is awful. Also the recuperation levels are up als well as the top speed. 100 km/h now. Max will be 115 km/h I guess.

Be notified that the OVMS will be out of stock soon.

What do you mean by “awful”?
Haven’t noticed any difference since I haven´t changed the power settings.

Try: Cfg power 130 120

I always worry their is nothing free in life I see diesels wrecked because they have been chipped or remapped taking away the built in safety so 52 is fast enough and hopefully my twiz will live for many years


That is why I have only changed the top speed, does not effect batteries or controller, only some higher RPMs on the motor and gearbox. All safely within specs.