Twizy 80 8kW vs 13kW

I’ve bought an used Twizy, but from what i’ve read about Twizy 80 specs, i only see 13kW power version, but mine is registered with 8kW! Could this be a limited version, maybe electronically? Are there solutions to make it 13kW version?

I’m new to the Twizy, but I think the 80 is limited to 8kw and 4kw for the learner legal model. Maybe it has a maximum unrestricted output of 13kw using the PowerBox? Hopefully somebody more experienced will clarify?

As I understand Twizy 80 have 8kW continious power and 13kW peak power. So there is all about advertising and how insurance companies understand that.

@Kuki_bajker thank you for you explanation… could make sense :slight_smile: