Twizy 80 for sale

2014 13000km

You see all the upgrades , the car is alocated in Montenegro. As it was registered before in EU you dont pay import taxes, i think its 3% only, can deliver it in EU buy a transport company for 500-600 euro to the customs.
Leather interior, power struts, racing wheels and tyres( value over 1000euro) professionaly painted , new brakes and battery .

As the battery is mine i dont offer it with the car so you need to lease one in renault.

Price 7000 euro

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I have the wheel covers if you want to put factory wheels on it.

Wheel covers - Mud guards required in UK. Just in case some one is interested.

Out of interest would Renault lease a battery to an existing Twizy?.

I have them.

Yes they will lease it, confirmed.

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Hi. I am interested in the Twizy. How best to contact you.

0038269010784 whatsapp ,viber, normal call