Twizy 80 to 45

Hi everyone!

I’m 15 and doing research about the Twizy because next year I could get my moped license. I do have one question; Can you convert a Twizy 80 to a 45? Since I won’t be able to drive anything over 45 km/h and a Twizy 80 would be cheaper.

Any help appreciated!

Technically 45 and 80 are very close. You could use Powerbox to limit the speed and power. I’m sure @kennethnilsen69 will make a custom powerbox program on request.

However, the bigger problem is registration. You need to re-register Twizy from L7e to L6e. That might be impossible. You have to prove somehow that the car now fulfills L6e requirements.

There is one major physical difference between the T80 & T45: the gear reducer is quite different, so just limiting the top speed via software will not be enough to bring the characteristics in line with the T45. In France at least, it would be close to impossible to have a modified T80 registered as a driving licence-less T45 (serious mechanical work, followed by endless administrative work to reclassify). Which is why this side of the channel at least, the T45 are very rare on the second hand market, and go for ludicrous prices. Maybe the legislation in the UK is different, but do check with the relevant authorities first, so you don’t commit without knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into :slight_smile:


Just looked up for Belgium. It’s not possible to legally reduce a vehicle to 45km/h so that’s that.

Thank you!