Twizy a little down on power today

I nipped the the shop in the Twizy having not used it for a couple of weeks and noticed a lack of power. I have a Powerbox and set it at max tuning for this trip (I usually have it set to medium), I could see ‘3 bars of power’ on the dash as I accelerated hard but didn’t see the red warning at all which I would normally expect (for those that don’t own a PB, the warning light is the Twizy telling would that the motor is pulling more power than expected but not a dangerous level).
I also felt that it was not accelerating as smoothly and quickly as usual.
It almost felt like a little ICE car not firing on all cylinders (reminded me of one of my old student cars on a cold damp day!).
The battery temp was 8C according to the powerbox.
Its the first time I’ve experienced this, has anyone else experienced this kind of shaky power delivery?

Are all battery cells reading near enough the same voltage? I seem to remember seeing a demo showing Powerbox can tell you this? Wonder if the traction battery is poorly and limited in the current it can provide might explain the lackluster performance? The cold obviously won’t help. Does the Powerbox show the current pulled whilat you’re “giving it the beans” in Sport mode? What are you seeing max current? I’m sure someone else on here can then compare with their Powerbox.

Powerbox has always and still shows my battery as being in very good condition, SOH is 100% and the voltages are always identical or very close across all cells.
Not sure how to show the current being pulled, wouldn’t be much good for me anyway as the phone is in my pocket when I’m driving as I don’t have a phone holder yet.
I was assuming power would be down on normal today due to temperature but I didn’t expect the intermittent nature, I hope this isn’t the start of a problem.

I’ve had this before. The ESC seems not to have taken the max tuning setting even though the PowerBox did its thing.
I stopped the car, turned it all off and back on again and then did another ESC flash from the PowerBox. Once it finished this second time and I restarted it worked as expected.
I have had issues with my BT PowerBox and old Samsung phone. It crashes and freezes on the PowerBox app. It was supposed to go back to Kenneth for repair, but he’s gone very quiet and I wasn’t sure what the deal would be with brexit etc on postage.

Just try reflashing to max tuning.

Thanks for that @EVnBeyond, I have a Powerbox BT too so perhaps the same issue? I reset to medium (I think its called) when I got back but didn’t re-test it.
My plan is to put it in the garage until the weather gets a little warmer and the road salt is all washed away.

i’m sure the power box looks at the temperature of the battery and limits the power if the battery is too cold or too hot.

i’ve flashed a few Twizys and sometimes they don’t take the update.

I’d imagine it’s just the cold. Once the battery warms up the performance is alot better. I use a smart charger so it finished charging when I 2ant to use it that way I have a slightly warmer start.

12v chargers were trending on amazon and ebay this week as alot of lockdown ICE cars struggled to start!

It is worth going for a drive and then feeling each wheel (near the hub) to see if any are warm due to sticking. Only takes one. But be careful as I did this and one wheel was too hot to touch.

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Good point. I’d forgotten about that as it was mentioned the car hadn’t been used for a while.
The old sticky handbrake.
I have been leaving mine with the parking brake off and choking the wheel.

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Thanks for all the suggestions…

I’ve driven it at much lower temperatures than yesterday without issues so I don’t think it was just the cold.
I thought about the possibility of a binding break too, but spraying off the salt in the cold before I put it away made me temporarily forget!! another thing to check, thanks.
I’ll also try to make the PB config change again as I think that’s a good possibility too.
Perhaps at the weekend when the roads are hopefully cleared of salt.

My Twizy (Which I just have a few months now) was already tuned when I got it. I tried to load the most powerful tuning program with the OVMS, but never got the red warning light on the dash. Also the range is bad with the default settings, I only get 35 km (21.5 miles) on a full charge.

How old is your Twizy? Mine is from 2012.

On my Twizy I noticed that battery cell 9 got always a lower voltage. Is that bad?

Hi @dutch_twizy, yes I’m afraid that’s not ideal but I don’t how how serious a problem it is. I believe that the cell voltages should always be quite close or identical for a healthy battery.
Does your tool give you a battery State of Health figure?
My Twizy is a early 2015 model with around 7,000 miles and the PowerBox tells me the SoH is 100%, I think this is passed to the PowerBox by the Twizy (but I’m not sure it can be true after 7,000 miles).
I wonder how other 2012 Twizys are doing, perhaps others can comment?

The SOH is 94%
I think it will stop working when the voltage difference gets too big. I’m happy that it is an rental battery.
Mine has 26000 km (16155 miles)

Can you check the cell voltages with the powerbox?

almost 9000 miles , SOH shows 100% on powerbox and also on my dephi can bus interface.

Yes, the Powerbox can display cell voltages, I have a Powerbox BT and control the Powerbox via a smart phone. Here are a couple of screenshots …

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