Twizy Accesories

Still looking for Twizy !
What are the benefits of panoramic roof and parrot sound system ?
Is it easy to fit a bluetooth speaker aftermarket ?

As ever advice very welcome.

Cheers :+1:

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Mark, there is a low price Twizy on eBay, just 3500, the only downside is that it is in Ireland, however I think it is still well priced.
My Twizy has a Parrot and I find it very good now I have got it working. (The previous owner did not pass on the PIN number, but fortunately the owner before that did!)
I decided against the panoramic roof because I think you will fry in summer even in the UK.

Cheers. Fancied that one you pointed out in Basingstoke but it was sold really quickly.

I would have bought the one in Basingstoke had I the one that I did buy, not been in the condition described. I am very happy with my Colour, it came with Alloys, Parrot and a proper outdoor cover that the dealer didn’t even know were not standard! Until I bought one I never realised that the Colour model has metallic paint, I thought it was only on the Technic.
If you do buy the one in Ireland, get the owner to deliver it to the ship at the Irish port and Paul from Vetrans will pick it up for you at this side and deliver it at a very reasonable price. He was £100 cheaper than the other lowest quote that I had, for fetching mine.

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Mark, don’t know if this is of interest to you , but Forum member ‘Repoman’ is selling his Twizy…here…