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Twizy after crash


I have a question,

Can buy a twizy with batterie (no lease…) but it has been involved in a crash, car has only damage on the small ‘window’ and 1 plastic part,so should be easy to repair.
But owner says that after the crash the car won’t ‘start’ anymore!
Is there anyone who can tell me if there are other things to consider what can be broken which results in not starting the car??
(The airbag is still in its place)

Are there any sensors or what so ever what can result in this situation? (not ‘starting’ after a crash)


Twizy has only 1 crash sensor (innertial) for Airbag placed under the driver sitting place

If You cannot start You need to read the CAN communication. In this car almost everything works on CAN.

There could be no immobilizer signal, charger broken, no 12V AGM voltage or below the threshold…


If the small window is broken please tell me from which side…on right side there is a fuse box and it could be a problem with any relay or fuse

Generally this is not a problem to find the root cause if You know the car

I spend almost 1 year with my twizy. I build car from two pcs after crash (btw some parts are still available for sell)

Than I build my own battery with 2,5 times more energy and higher voltage so I know how it should work

But explanation of this could be very long process…

If You decide I can partially help You


Thanks @danielreclik, will see this car next week and will remember what you had written in my disicion!

Hi Daniel , could you tell me more about the battery you made it for twizy. If you can send me the cell mapping and from we’re you bought the battery… or if you have ready made for sell

I use what I have :slight_smile:
I use 18650 cells from Panasonic. This was NCR BL cell. I have 15s 90p configuration. Charge voltage could be 63.7V but the charger limited me to 61.58v due to fact that this was a max from my pcs of ies synergy on board charger…

for me this is not a problem because I still have much more energy than original battery…

Of course I must reprogram the Sevcon due to OV protection level, but I have dvt customer with old ixxxat compact 1 (version before one year licence key implemented)

To be honest I have now 450A discharge limit (boost 550A is not possible due to Renault firmware in Sevcon), but battery is suitable for 550A… but still have 1000Nm on rear wheels (limit on the gear manufacturer) and 26kW peak power :slight_smile:

the case was projected by me and welded from 2mm steel (thermal runaway safety to have time for evacuate from car in worst case)

BMS is made by me and ECU works like original Renault battery

I can share a little bit more but actual I am on holidays up to 11.01.2020