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Twizy after market parts and accessories wiki

I know a lot of the information for where to find parts and accessories for the Twizy is spread across many topics. I wanted to try and start a wiki to make it easier for everyone to find the information.

This topic is fully editable so please edit it to add websites, contacts and other places to source parts and accessories for the Twizy.

#1 - Wheel PCD adaptors

Elia 25mm depth twizy to 4x100 wheel adaptors. Shipped from Germany. Price in €
Elia wheel adaptors

@Kwh-hunter I know you were keen to do something like this. Do you have anything you could add to the first post?

It would be good to make this thread clean of ‘chat’. Basically posts of items and places to get them. If they are no good, a small note on the original post explaining.
@James do each of these posts have permalinks or post numbers? I couldn’t see any, but might be a function admin can turn on and off. If each post has a number (either permalink or author added) then you can index the pinned 1st post to save trawling through.

#12 - wheel spacers
#13 - head lights

Elia 3x98 to 4x100 wheel adaptors
Elia wheel adaptors
Nice but expensive. 1 week shipping.

Bob Jones manufacturing Cheltenham
Www.something or other.com
Made to order. 2 week lead time. Reasonable price.

The first post is a wiki post, so need for any of that. Any user can add to the first post freely. You should be able to see an edit icon at the bottom of the first post (next to flag and the other icons). Click that and add whatever you want :+1: