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Twizy after market parts and accessories wiki

I know a lot of the information for where to find parts and accessories for the Twizy is spread across many topics. I wanted to try and start a wiki to make it easier for everyone to find the information.

This topic is fully editable so please edit it to add websites, contacts and other places to source parts and accessories for the Twizy.

#1 - Wheel PCD adaptors

Elia 25mm depth twizy to 4x100 wheel adaptors. Shipped from Germany. Price in €
Elia wheel adaptors

@Kwh-hunter I know you were keen to do something like this. Do you have anything you could add to the first post?

The first post is a wiki post, so need for any of that. Any user can add to the first post freely. You should be able to see an edit icon at the bottom of the first post (next to flag and the other icons). Click that and add whatever you want :+1:

I started gathering a list of useful part numbers, both Renault and aftermarket. I’ve been ordering trim clips, interior plastics etc to replace broken parts on my new Twizy. Do you think the Renault part numbers are of value too, to save people having to wade through Google?


This is my list so far… Will add to it as stuff comes up

Full on parts catalogue: https://partsouq.com/en/catalog/genuine/vehicle?c=Renault&ssd=%24*KwEHMyIcTXkCSExSAkNeBV9La2xyAwwBABIVFwd0CwABBgIAXgAAAAA0dv9m%24&vid=1409&q=

Useful Renault part numbers to save looking them up:
8201231626 - Parrot kit
7711431420 - possibly parrot mount, not verified yet. Approx £46
8201254563 - optional front mudflaps. Approx £55
8201203861 - rear seat rucksack kit. Approx £120!
7703077435 - floor mat plug, £1.20 ea from Renault, cheaper at https://cgi.ebay.co.uk/363049507716 - I am using these eBay ones, they are identical to genuine parts
748165989R - clip for rear seat (x2), charger/washer fluid cover, gloveboxes Approx £2.75 ea
806716279R - left side door handle Approx £6 ea
806705808R - right side door handle Approx £6 ea
252603241R - right hand instrument stalk Approx £125
805B04000R - door locator pin (x4 per car) Approx £20 ea

Replacement door struts
2 x SKU: GS10-22-110-160 (850n)
4 x SKU: B10