Twizy alert for low battery temperature?

Last couple of days, the two indicator symbols in the display for battery temperatur and fault on 58v system has been lit during driving (and no other warning lights etc). The user manual only indicates to high temperature to either battery or motor for temperature warning, and fault on 58v system for the other one. It has only appeard when the outside temperature is around -10^C. Could this be a warning for low battery temperature, or should I be worried about this?

The handbook does say not to charge when the battery is very cold.

Yes, the Li ion battery doesn’t like charging in cold weather, and I try to only charge when battery is a bit heated after driving. Perhaps I only trick myself, but…

The issue with the symbols appear when driving in cold weather, and not when charging. From my limited experience, it’s appear when battery temperature is belowe -7-8^C and the symbols dissapear when battery temperature reach -1^C (meassured with a powerbox). Thats why I think it’s a temperature warning. The question was if this “only” is a temperature warning and if I “safely” can ignore it, or if it’s indicate something more seriously.

And does anyone know about how to read data from the canbus onboard the Twizy? I have a OBDII/ELM327 adapter, but no application that read the Twizy…

Charging at below -10c outside temp (inside temp assumed to be higher) then there is a risk the battery will become damaged and the extra load on the charger will shorten it’s life.

I suppose it all depends on who ‘owns’ the battery. If you are leasing the battery from Renault and they cannot prove you ignored the low temperature warnings then they will need to replace.

My Twizy is garaged and so I have not had to charge when the battery is below 0c.

There is member on here who did a google app that worded with an OBDII adaptor perhaps do a search for him.