Twizy alloys

Hi, if these questions where asked please remove tread.
Im thinking to change stock wheel to alloys,but not sure which ones.
Tryed to look up on te web but not too many options…
Question -is twizy wheels same as smart fortwo three bolts?
Or is there more cars that uses same 3 bolt wheels?
Thought to find used ones.

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Question for those in the know.
Are the Twizy standard alloys a straight swap for the steels? IE do you just buy the alloys and get the tyres swapped over?

The alloys are a straight swap. BUT the bolts are different. The separate cone on the bolt to be exact. So buy the bolts for the aluminium rims at your local Renault dealer.

And also remember to use the right torque. 75Nm. Otherwise the brake disk will deform, resulting in sticking brakes.

Cheers, dont suppose you know the part number for the bolts?

Here you are:

Original: 8200473353
Bilstein version: FEBI 27756

Is one version preferred over the other?

The Bilsteins are as good and cheaper, but in my country I have to buy at least 20 of them.