Twizy Alternatives?

Following on from my thread regarding the Twizy possibly being discontinued, what other alternatives are there for low cost and affordable EVs?

Has anyone come across Bertie!?

Looks interesting, can’t find much info about it online. It seems to have similar range and specs to the Twizy but maybe slight more practical: it has proper doors and windows, two people can travel side-by-side and a little boot space. Possible also has heating! :slight_smile:

No offence but that looks awful. Lol. At least the Twizy looks awesome.

Just get a Twizy. I travelled over 100 miles just to test drive one and fell in love. Mine was bought from a dealer 230 miles away but they did a deal and offered to deliver the Twizy to me on a flatbed trailer for £150 which was half of the cost it should of been.


There is a thread about Bertie over at SpeakEV:

Agree, he’s not much of a looker! But had to admit that heating, proper windows, radio, a boot and potential 80 mile range in a compact form for £6K will be quite appealing to a lot of people.

You really would have to dress up as Noddy driving that thing. How naff is that?!