Twizy Arrived So Rusty

I love her, she’s only young (2016) 300 miles but she is a bit rusty in places,

Seat Belt rust really bad and everywhere where metal is there are little bits of rust,
I bought her from a Renault dealer online and did not see her, she is under warranty - So I am wondering if any of this is covered under the warranty?

Don’t want to contact the dealer I got her from as they were a nightmare !!!

See my updated post and pics below - not a little rusty after inspection**

Welcome !
Sorry to hear about the problems. Although your Twizy is only young I am sure it has been left outside and exposed to the elements. I am sure it’s only superficial rust that looks worst than it really is. Rub the rusty bits down with a very fine sand paper and I am sure apart from maybe a few pitted spots most of the rust will disappear. Then treat it with some antirust gel or something similar.
I know you shouldn’t have to do it yourself but I think it will save you a lot of aggravation trying to deal with the Renault dealer.


Just so you know, Renault warranties corrosion for up to 6 years. I have oxidation on the seat rails on the chassis side. I will be bringing it to them to sort it out. They take pictures, then send it in. A decision is made, then the service is scheduled.

There are rust removing liquids out there. That does a good job on removing the rust, once cleaned, a Rustolium or Hammerite paint to seal the metal that bonds with the rust will give a lasting resistance to moisture. Rust sucks… but can be managed, the investment is time in cleaning it off.

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Thank, I did find that out yesterday

I still can not believe the Garage delivered it in this state!!!

Phosphoric Acid is what I use to get rust off of general car parts, brought a big 5L+ tub of it. spray it on and it eats the rust, not tried it on chromed parts though.
I also spray on some motorcycle chain lube (thick cream like stuff) on the suspension bolts around the car. Easy to remove and replace.

The selling garage really isn’t the issue here, you brought the car unseen, that’s the risk, you gots what you paid for.
However, like others have said, it’s a common problem and should be an easy fix, covered by the 6 year warranty.

I honestly don’t see why Renault are fighting against other forum users claims, a badge and a belt buckle are cheap items. I would again suggest (i know this is my answer to everything adm) ringing Renault customer services and ask to speak to the management there, your car especially with 1 year & 300 miles shouldn’t have a drop of rust on it, regardless of where it’s kept.
Knowing how prototype cars are tested for this sort of thing (accelerated tests in chambers) this would’ve shown up and been noted as a warranty at risk items.

I have just had the car inspected and have had to get renault in involved - can you believe the dealer sent it to me like this, its ready for the scrap heap

God, that’s unbelievable !!!
I think you have to change the title of the thread. It’s not a LITTLE rusty, is it?

Oh wow thats not a good result.
Hope Renault do good by you.

Oh dear, that’s not good at all! I’m sure there are cars in Pripyat that have less rust on them!

Can someone with some better legal knowledge than I possibly explain how the Long Distance Selling regulations might affect our friend Ria here?

Initially I thought it was only surface (seat belts etc) then had it checked and what a terrible mess - this is just the bits we can see, I have been told its dangerous as the brakes that were replaced grind and dont work properly, what a disaster - Renault had better step up

Ok Ria have a read of this: Consumer Contracts Regulations

You have a cooling off period of 14 days. As you purchased the goods without seeing them you are entitled to a refund within 14 days of taking delivery.

I’d be seriously thinking of using your rights on this one, the rust is very bad.

Yes I was aware of this although the problems with the garage were endless and I have spent £2,800 for Hand Controls template, Ferry Crossing to Spain as we spend 90 days a time there and we leave next Friday, a special trailer, insurance etc

So as I need the hand controls fitted I have stated to Renault and the Garage that I need the car replaced if not i will go public by 11am today.

So they either reimberse me for the car and everything I have paid out for the car that is not refundable or they get me a new car (only 2 in country) so either way they need to step up, especially as I am disabled and this is literally my legs for getting around in Spain and locally here

That’s admittedly a lot of rust, but again should all be covered by renault’s warranty.

I will be surprised if the garage make this easy for you to return. Distance Selling Regulations and car sales aren’t as open and shut as they make it sound. Expect to go to court if the garage’s lawyers feel they can drag it out, if the Twizy cost you under £5000 then it’s easier as it’s small claims court. Over £5k and it’s big boys court and time/£££. I’ve brought quite a few cars unseen, including my Twizy from a garage in Cambridge so have done a bit of reading on distance selling.

Areas that could be contended:

  1. Deposit - If you put a deposit on a car I believe they can try and wriggle out of DSR as there are two separate transactions…i…e. you’ve entered into a contract to reserve the product and then a contract to purchase the product. At the point of reservation the garage believe they have lost out on all future potential sales due to this.
  2. If the garage doesn’t regularly sell cars over the internet (i.e. only advertises) then occasional over the phone sales aren’t usually covered by the DSR. DSR was designed to protect consumers from regular online/telesales businesses.
  3. If you organised pick up of the car from the garage, as opposed to the garage organising delivery, then the garage could say it’s not a distance sale as it was picked up directly from their business.
  4. Pre-purchase Vehicle inspection (guessing one was not done), but services like the AA/RAC provide services for pre-purchase vehicle inspection for this exact reason.
    The garage could argue you had ever right to ask for an independent inspection. I would also be ready for the argument that you were made aware of the rust when they tried to cancel the sale due to the brakes being rusty, which you forced them to sell to you.

Good luck.

I’d also add that I brought an Audi S4 from a seaside town, and this isnt far from what the underside of that was like. It’s treatable and far from uncommon. Without further inspection 90% of this could just be surface rust, and either way this is second hand car purchase, “brought on condition” will probably be in the contract somewhere.

yes i agree , the rust may be shocking but acceptable given that the car was probably made in 2012 and registered later.

the brakes are a mess on the twizy , some people have many problems others none.

the brake pads are hydroscopic so they can absorb moisture from the air/water if not used and swell causing issue with the disk.

I’d be surprised if other Twizy’s weren’t the same. Any unprotected iron based alloys will rust within seconds of being exposed to water.

Are you just noticing it because the Twizy is so skeletal? Look under most cars and there’s somewhat similar rust everywhere.

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Somthings starting to smell a bit fishy with this.

In your original post it states that the dealer had cancelled your order due to the corrosion of the hubs. You then sent a legal letter which presumably made the garage re-instate the sale. Alarm bells should have rung then.

Also on your own public facebook page last night it stated that you had been offered a full refund by the dealer. So why go on about getting a “Dekra” report when you have been offered your money back ??

I agree a vehicle of that age should possibly not be in that condition that’s why cars have warranties, but i’m on the side of the dealer with this one. they have done everything they could. In the first instance they tried not to sell the car to you… but you made them by sending a legal letter. Then when you get it you not happy so they offer you a refund according to your face book page. What else could they have done ?

No shop or retailer will ever reimburse you for what you have also spent in addition off your own back in associated products and services which seems to be what your after otherwise liabilities would be endless and the prices of products would go sky hit as we would be in the american blame culture.
If I was you I would accept the refund if it has been offered and chalk it down to experience. At least you will know what to look for next time. if you buy another Twizy go and look at it first and see if your happy with it.

I honestly can not believe your post!!!

I ordered the car and bought everything to go with the car as we go to Spain for 90 days, so the trailer, cover, ramps, ferry crossing etc and Gravells knew this this totalled £2,300. After I had got everything ready Gravells then said they could not deliver the car as the brakes were faulty nor could they replace it and would not compensate me for my loss. I then came on this forum and got advice and was told it was not the Hubs but rust from the Brakes and after sending Gravells this information and after they recieved a legal notice the MD finally stepped in and said this forum was correct and alls that needed doing was the faulty brakes.

I was then reassured and I have emails and text to prove this that this was the only corrosion on the car.

The car was finally delivered and it went in to have the hand controls fitted (an extra £500) and when they took the dash off etc they called me to say the state of the car as the pictures corrosion everywhere

I contacted renault and gravells stating that I wanted a replacement car or my £2800 back as all of that is non refundable - + now I have the labour for the garage taking the dash off and refitting it (£120) as the controls could not be fitted - Gravells or renault have refused both options

So I stated I would go public and legal as they would not help in any way whatsoever

Please remember I am disabled and this car was going to be my legs - I did not create this situation so why should I be punished or out of pocket

There is nothing Fishy as you put it that is the whole truth

For anyone that wants to look at my Facebook post and the Amazing public support I am getting please do - I am totally transparant about all of this BUT I will persue this until I get a satisfactory resolution

Oh and I see you only joined 2 hours ago - That seems a little fishy!!!

If the garage have said they’d refund you, take it and run. Then go buy another one.

I doubt there’s legal precedent to refund “extras” you separately brought for the car, unless sold with the car, i.e. any accessories the dealer themselves sold you with the car. You might at most get the labour costs you incurred to try and fit the hand controls.