Twizy as a winter vehicle

All of you that think that you cannot use your Twizy in the cold winter… Today it was a massive snowfall in Stockholm around 50 cm fell and the plowers doesn’t seem to care at all. With wintertires on the Twizy is amazingly capable of handling even up to 30cm of snow. Some pictures attached from my travel to and from work today:

Bus standing across the motorway:

Te View:

The amount of snow that fell during the day was ridiculous:

After spending over two hours in the Twizy I finally got home:

The Twizy in the garage:

The biggest problem running the Twizy in these condition is not the lack of heating (I have a 12V blanket and a warm jacket, but the fact that the track is narrow so it doesn’t fit the other cars tracks. And when we have these kind of conditions and they do not plow the roads, there is a uneven crest of ice with edges of several centimeters that you slam into. Horrible and you feel sorry for the Twiz…


Whow a lot more snow that we get. Back in 2012 I posted a video of the Twizy in the snow tackling a hill (not that it looks like that on the video). The Twizy does really well even with the original fitted tyres. The same issue as you was the track width as the Twizy then becomes a sledge on it’s flat bottom. Not yet got stuck but…

Amazing pictures Scirocco chap - very glad to hear that the Twizy can cope with snow and ice when it has to. I’ve fitted Continental Winters to ours so we’re prepared for whatever the UK decides to throw at us this year. One major advantage of a Twizy in the UK should be its ability to get around other stuck cars with hopeless drivers on account of its diminutive size. As you’ll know, the UK grinds to a halt with 5cm of snow due to the woeful ability of 90% of our drivers.

I sure look forward to trying the car in the slippery stuff however!

Well done, but I didn’t dare go out with my twizy when most of the snow came, I only commuted on friday.

Rear wheel drive and a short wheelbase is loads of fun however :slight_smile: practising my scandinavian flick in the snowy roundabouts :wink:

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