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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Twizy at Clumber Park

Here is my Twizy just arrived at Clumber park on a test run of the trailer behind motor home.

Worked very well. Shame Clumber park was so packed I did get any pictures or the car driving round.

Can the Twizy be dragged along on a conventional draw bar, like you see behind campers ?
If not I think Renault have missed out big time .

I spent time looking in to that and then decided not to be the first to try it!. The hand book says don’t but gives no reason why. The gear box and motor are permanently engaged so there would be a lot of extra wear. I like the idea though as you could leave it in drive and charge it up :slight_smile:

When I was at a local event where Renault had the twizy I was giving the sales pitch to people and it was surprising the amount of over 60s thought to do this (no Offence). I reckon if Renault UK really thought about pushing the Twizy they could sell loads.

Attached to motor homes
Local Security firms that patrol estates
Pizza deliveries
Creating an endurance racing tournement (I really like this idea) >:)
I could go on.