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Twizy Audio?

Nipped in to my local dealership for info on aftermarket add-ons. Having had several incoming calls a phone hands free is a must! I now see there are 3 items in the catalogue that appear to do the same thing - but which to get?

Clearly, you need the Audio Kit to get the speakers working, plus the display - but what do the other Parrot Kits do and why would you need/want them?

If you need to make/take calls parrot is the best solution. But I feel they are over charging, as the quality of the speakers they supply are not the best. You can put you own kit together, just need to sort the brackets out.

The parrot will let you stream music from your phone, it also has conections for other mp3 or USB sticks.

this is the kit they use http://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-mki9100-b-grade_p-27605.htm?gclid=CLz47vWSz7gCFVMPtAodoxIAqw

The Twizy Audio device has an RRP £216 and says it allows caller ID display and the ability to make/receive calls. Then there is the Parrot Kit MKI9100 at £157, and the Parrot MKI9200 has a larger screen and costs £247 - that’s the 3 items listed. All appear to do exactly the same - hence my confusion.

Are you saying you need to purchase the Audio Kit and a Parrot Kit at a combined cost of £370 ? That’s a lot of money!

I don’t know! But the the mki9100 from renault is around £300 with the speakers.