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Twizy Bad Press

The more I read about a Twizy the more I want to own one! :slight_smile:
But I keep getting unfavourable comments from people when I explain I want to buy one.
To me it seems the perfect solution, buy an almost new Twizy and I will (Hopefully) enjoy 3-4 years of Motoring with virtually no servicing and (Hopefully) 100% Reliable transport.
Range of the Twizy does not bother me, I will just adapt to what I have available.
The Battery lease does not worry me either, it is one less thing to worry about when the time comes.
Some of the comments about range distance and lack of heater I can understand, but I cannot understand why people are so Anti-Electric.
What is there problem?..or should I listen to them and get a ‘Real’ Car instead?..


Just my perspective
The anti-electric brigade seem to concentrate on finding ways to justify using fossil fuel rather than being specifically anti-twizy. Vicky BH from 5th gear complained about Twizy not having windows to shut out the awful diesel smell from the traffic (truley ironic if you think about it). The Norwegian Institute Report on EVs polluting more than Petrol Vehicles over their life cycle used extremely biased and irrelevant data to try and boost the view of petrol based transport (some say it was sponsored by an oil company) and the recent attempt to install a wind farm on the Isle of Weight failed due to the CO2 emmissions from the factory making the concrete for the foundation outweighing the environmental benefit of wind power.

All in all I drive Twizy because it is an attempt to break the mould of our view of transportation and a brave one at that. It is not expensive. It may save money. It reduces the pollution in MY area. And it make me and others smile. It is cold and impractical for a family outing or the weekly shopping. But for nipping in to town or taking the dog for a walk or down the pub or round to friends or out for dinner or just old fashioned “going for a drive”… cant beat it.

That’s the point you don’t have to think about the cost of the fuel to go out in a Twizy. Fancy a drive (and you will), need a newspaper or pint of milk then just go. No worries about wasting petrol, or fuel costing more than the pint of milk. It brings back motoring just for fun.

  • you don’t have the inefficiency of starting a cold engine to do a 2 mile trip, you can go flat out from cold and do no harm.

First proper cold day of -2, I thought twice about it, but in all honesty with gloves, thermals and windows, I can be out of the wind chill travelling to work and back for £1 every 40 miles or so in the winter… Thats a charge on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday for hassle free, non fossil fuel dependent second car that will not need any of my money for the duration of the 4+ scheme. I may consider a Zoe at the three year battery lease renewal time, but there may be an updated Twizy by then with integrated entertainment pod you can take out like in the VW up! LED lights all round, increased range etc… I would love a three seat like a McLaren F1 / Gordon Murray designed T2 concept. I enjoy driving it despite manhole lurches, and have found a comfortable driving position that is go-kart like :razz:

There’s always resistance to new stuff that does not conform…my friends and Parents were dead against the Twizy until they got used to it and saw the benefits.

The Twizy is an excellent solution to local mobility and has many, many points that make it better than a conventional vehicle or a scooter in certain circumstances-these outweigh the lack of heating, windows and long distance ability many times over-if used for what it is meant to do.

Put simply, we have 3 great vehicles on our drive, but the Twizy is used the most :wink:

Done nearly 6000 Miles in my Twizy its been back to Renault 3 times… New charger, brake recall and on Monday it kept stopping for no apparent reason but I still think its better car or bike which also have batteries which are affected by cold and damp

Highest mileage one on the forum at the minute? That’s some Twizying!

Someone said to me about the whole Eco green not very green battery building argument. I told them I got it to save money, have some fun, and enjoy driving to work.

its hard to explain the feeling but when you drive around you feel pretty smug. When I drive past bus stops or stop at traffic lights and you get random over the top bouts of “I am going to laugh so over the top for the whole world to hear” I find I have to restrain myself from getting out the car and getting in there face and pointing out that they are currently walking home in the rain, or waiting for a bus in the rain, and most likely paying more to use said bus. It’s not my style but in my head it went off big style.

anyway I love it and have not regretted it since.

Yes, its amazing how people respond in an over the top way for you to hear them.
I have stopped once when I got some loud abuse at a bus stop-reversed back and asked them what they drive-then pointed out that many think that the only people who use a bus are those who are too young, too old or too stupid to drive…

I was sitting at some traffic lights the other day next to a big truck, the lights changed and we both accelerated away but in complete silence. Turned out to be a hybrid lorry. It was great to get a glimpse of what the future of London would sound like. Probably like it sounded 100 years ago but without the gentle clip clop of horses hooves. People often go on at me about the silent killer that is the electric car, we would all hear it coming if it weren’t drowned out by the din of the motor car.

I bet everyone knows your Car around Leominster. I remember when I would visit my nan you only had to mention someones name, house number, pet, or car and everyone knew who you were talking about.

My Nans brother used to drive a blue Robin Relient around and everyone knew it was George. He has also passed on.

Anyway love the comeback to the bus travellers.

Really wish I could understand the loud laugh thing.

Here’s a quote from someone who had a Test Drive in a Twizy, bear in mind this guy is a Reliant Robin fan…

I drove a Twizzy round Peterborough when they were released. It was an awful thing, Aixam make electric cars that feel better,I thought the days of driving whilst wrapped in a blanket had gone with my Carlton with a knackered heater matrix. The blanket by the way costs £100+. When I did the sums I found there were lots of petrol cars out there that cost a lot less to run and were a lot more useful and fun.
Take one for a spin on a wet day with quite a bit of traffic and a passenger and see what you think then. For such an odd vehicle it’s dreadfully uncomfortable and almost invisible.

Anyone want to comment?..


Omg I thought that was just idiots round my area that do the over the top fake laugh. Very annoying but in the end just shows how ignorant and/or intolerant they are of something different.

We had an Aixam electric car in our community car club, until the batteries fried. It was economic, low energy, functional transport, but to keep the weight down needed to be made of very flimsy material, and because it was enclosed it just felt like a very slow car to drive. Signficantly, we could never get teenagers in the thing - they were embarrassed. Teenagers around here, for reasons I cannot explain, think a Twizy is very cool, and (when they get to ride in one) very fast. A Twizy *is *slightly faster than the Aixam, and goes further, but because you are isolated from your environment in the Aixam, it felt very much slower by comparison.

My Twizy is a big talking point in school… Many think it is cool and totally get the ‘green’ idea as it is away from fossil fuel energy source even if some believe it to be uncertain of it’s environmental credentials due to it’s manufature. However if you consider it against WEEE regulations, there are far more batteries or battery powered products disposed of, where as a car, due to it’s value, is kept until it is uneconomic to repair, a large part of it can be recycled.

99% love it, there’s just a few that think their opinion counts!!

The fun is that mine is a white Technic and I am always around town, but I bought mine after seeing a white Urban in town that lives 7 miles away-now people keep telling me that they “saw me in Ludlow yesterday” or had been waving and talking to me-to then find out its him not me :smiley:

Yes-when it is quiet, you can hear the sound of the tyres, but these are drowned out by the other car engines. If everyone was electric, it would make town centres a much nicer place to be, regardless of the emissions.

Hybrid lorry? Sounds interesting-I guess buses would be a logical step too.

Wow I thought i was doing well with just under 3,000 miles!

I’ve got a Test Drive booked for Friday, the demo car does not have doors…
Weather is not looking too good, may need to rearrange :frowning: