Twizy Battery Connectors (Does anyone have any for sale?)

Hi All, I have been building my own Twizy battery and whilst I have brought a nice shiny new case from Renault, my local dealer cannot find part numbers for the external connectors, Traction, Charger and I/O.
Does anyone no the parts numbers or have a spare set of connectors they want to sell?

Many thanks,


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Well done to you Ian, for taking on this project of building a new battery!

I wish you every success.

Please keep us posted and I do hope ye get those part numbers!


Sorry I cannot provide the part numbers. However they are standard connectors that other places sell. The trouble is they have weird names. Some googling may help and once you are on the right lines it will be easy. I remember a member did find the connector details on the old version of the site but that was back in 2012.

Thanks Michael.

Thanks osbrook, hasn’t helped, even after 4 hours! They look like a Tyco or Kostal part, but they have a number of different keys, so I would have to take a chance and buy all four!

I expect them to be a Renault part as all three have either a ‘tail’ to connect to the internal loom, or a bespoke M6 bus bar connection.

Sorry osbrook, meant to say Google hasn’t helped!

Yazaki is the supplier of the harness assembly if that helps

I googled and found :

From charger to Battery: APEX280 (More here)

From the German Forum the orange one: Delphi RCS800

Thank you shthpnz, I will report back with links and prices once I’ve found suppliers!