Twizy battery problems

Hello, I am new to the forum and I will need some of your help, please.

Soo there is the thing, I have 2 Twizy’s, one of them is 2012 with front collision and battery, the second one is 2015 without battery, mostly everything else is together. So I decided to take the battery out of the 2012 Twizy and put it into the newer model, but I get an error message, service lamp is lit and stop lamp is lit. The chargers starts only when the car is put into ignition and charges even the 12V battery. The 12V battery is new too. I have checked all the fusses and connectors and all of them are fine and rust free. The other thing that I think is wrong is that the N symbol flashes, it doesn’t stay lit all the time. I have never seen both of the cars running because I bought them from auction site.

Any help will be very much appreciated!


I don’t have Twizy myself yet but have done quite a bit of research as I’m planning to buy one.

I’ve read something about control modules being coded to the vehicle and not being interchangeable.

Maybe it could be something to do with that?

If I come across any further information I’ll let you know.



Hello Peter, thank you for the respond.
I have read all the topics for battery and any other problems with the Twizy here, but I have not seen anyone trying the same thing as me, so I hope it will be learning for all of us.


Perhaps @kennethnilsen69 or @grumpy-b will be able to answer the question as to the encoding of modules. It will then be how to fix that is the issue.

Hopefully someone will be able to help with that problem. I am really concerned if the traction battery is not dead, because you don’t know for how long these cars have been sitting in the auction centre. I saw a sticker on the battery, saying that the checks have been done in 2017 and the battery is OK, but after that who knows…


Hi George to move the traction battery from a 2012 to a 2015 model should normally be plug and play.

You write that it even charges the 12v battery when you have the ignition on. Does it also charge traction battery when the ignition is on or it it just the 12v battery?

Hello Kenneth, I don’t think it charges the traction battery because gives me an error. I know it charges the 12V battery because from 12.4v it goes to 13.6 when I turn on the ignition and the fan starts spinning. Unfortunately when the ignition is off but the car still plugged in, the fans don’t start and nothing happens.

Even the 2012 Twizy was giving me the same errors when charging, I will attach some photos bellow.

First photo is when you plug it in and turn ignition on and it’s doing the check, after that I hear three beeps and the second photo represents the dashboard. And the next one is when it’s just on ignition, not plugged in.
The N is flashing, won’t go in D or R.

Check the ‘BIG’ Fuse - sorry may be too obvious.

I have checked all the fuses next to the handbrake, is there any other? Thanks

Impossible to give you is the exact cause but it seems like it is your charge or your battery that is the problem. you have to get someone to diagnose it so you can read out the error message. if you need you can get an overview of the entire wiring harness on the car. just send me your email and I will send it to you

Thank you really much, at least this gives me an idea what to do next. My email is: [email protected]

Thanks again.

you got mail :slight_smile:

Thanks Kenneth! I will keep you updated.

Hi George I do have same problem
Did you be able to resolve it?

You have to code the BMS battery to the rest of the vehicle…charger and Inverter doesn’t recognize the BMS…

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You’re right Peter…uch, airbag module, BMS, charger, Inverter are coded to the vin code of the vehicle…if you change one of those the chain breaks …