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Twizy battery saying Stop


Tried charging my Twizy after nearly a year not using it. A bleep comes on and it says ‘STOP’ even though it’s charging. What’s going on? Is is it safe to drive it a little?


Does it bring up the [!] on the lcd dash and also the square battery light?

Yes it bring up all that


Same as mine.
Could be one of a few things.
Renault use a CLIP test to run a battery ‘health’ test. It’ll throw up a few errors.
Could be the charger. Possibly if you have an old one from 2012/13 time frame.
Or it could be the battery itself.
The [!] means 58v traction battery fault.
Charge the car and drive it. See if it come on and off whilst driving.
I am waiting for Renault to come back to me as to what should happen next.

Charged it up and it seems to be working now. Got me a little worried as the car is a 2015 model and I have only had it around 20 months.
Drove ok but only took it out for a short trip.
Will revert back on here if any further issues thanks.

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Make sure the 12v is topped up and charging.

Never leave the car for 12 months with no charge on it, the battery needs to be maintained at 80% for optimum health long term.

When sitting for a long time disconnect the 12V battery and have the Twizy stored in a somewhat stable temperature 10-20 degrees c. You can leave the traction battery at any state of charge between 20-80% at those temperatures and it will be fine. The absolute best is around 50%.