Twizy bespoke tablet holder and tablet £300

We have a limited number of bespoke designed tblet holders avaiable for the Renault Twizy, they fit on the top in place of the left glove box lid and fit a 10" Samsubg tablet, which we have a umber available. We have designed a version two hene these available for sale.

Why would I want a tablet fixed into my Twizy? Can’t think of a use driving along, and surely it would get stolen!

If you’re planning on being a courier it would be a sensible investment with maps and delivery jobs on a large screen (that of course you can’t touch, use or look at whilst driving as it’s a data device not inbuilt to the vehicle).

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If I had £1 for every uber/deliveroo driver who has said the twizy would be perfect for them…

They are removable as required. you can then use as a satnav and play music throught he speakers so have plenty of uses.

What spec Samsung tablet is it?

9.7" Galaxy Tab S2…

It is screwed into the dash so becomes part of the vehicle.

Thanks for the info.
Pretty steep if you ask me as the tablets themselves are selling for about £100 on eBay.
Also, the mounting brackets to the glove box would stop access to the OBD port, and as most have power boxes that need turning on and off, that would be annoying and cause damage. Better off buying a sucker mount for £15.

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