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Twizy Brake Caliper

Hi there,
I’m having real grief with Renault at the moment. Long story short my Twizy failed MOT a month ago because the handbrake wasnt holding on the rear passenger side. Needs a new brake caliper.
So, Renault Belfast can’t get me one from the UK or France and when I escalated to complaints section in UK they are unable to get me the part either OR even advise me on when it’s likely to be available. So I have a car I can’t use that I’m paying battery rental on.
Does anyone know where else I could source a brake caliper or what my rights are here. Motor Ombudsman and Consumerline did the hot potato with it too.

First of all what is wrong with the current caliper that means it cannot be serviced?

A number of garages resort to part swapping rather than fixing/servicing items - very lazy but allows them to offer an assured service. There isn’t a lot to a caliper to go wrong, but can need to cafe manipulation of the cylinder to get it moving again and fit new seals.

You could try another garage or even a Motorcycle centre to have a look. Try and find a brake specialist.

Obviously I don;t know what is wrong with the current caliper.

I’ve had a mechanic check it over and he says it’s beyond repair. Weak part he thinks. Perhaps thats the reason for no stock anywhere

That appears unusual to me. Perhaps it was a weak part and the reason there are no spare is because they don’t break. When the brakes size then they are often replaced,

As far as I remember the part is also used on a Motorbike. Might be worth seeing if a part can be got from a different source. Is it a warranty repair?

@lightly has had a lot to do with the Twizy brakes perhaps he knows an answer.

There are nice stainless front calipers on ebay, but can’t find rear ones… I guess it’s realy nice upgrade to get those stainless, expecialy if you drive Twizy in winter. fatigue can be realy bad on original ones I guess.

The rear calipers are particularly bad on the Twizy.
The handbrake levers seize and if really bad like mine 2 years ago I had to replace the rear left caliper.
My MOT was due in a weeks time so…
Yesterday I gave the car the once over and the right rear caliper handbrake lever had seized.
This time I was able to spray it with WD40 and get an adjustable spanner on the brake arm, luckily it freed off and everything is good again
Twizy passed its MOT today :smiley:
Regular maintenance is the key and I intend to setup a monthly email reminder to give the arms a spray of oil.
FYI the last time my repair cost approx £230 for the replacement of the left rear caliper
Looking on the Internet for information the Renault Magane has a very similar design (but larger) and reading the forums is just as bad for seizing up.


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My Left arm became sticky so I sprayed with WD40 and worked the arm until it freed up. (Thanks @lightly for the info) Now I carry a Pound shop can of WD40 in the glove box and just spray it every few weeks. Mainly after rain of dirty roads. So far so good.

If you do service the brakes yourself, over do the lubrication on the sliders. Works great.

No it’s not a warranty repair unfortunately as the car is 5 years old.
My local mechanic genuinely tried all he could to fix it before advising me to go to Renault for the part.
The Belfast Renault centre were helpful in trying to source me an alternative after market part but to no avail.
I had to change both sets of pads/discs last year on the rear along with the driver side rear caliper and it sure wasn’t cheap.

They are out of stock. 4-5 week back order

As they are still producing at the factory for new cars they must have them. Shout Loud at Renault as I am doing

Welcome to the Twizy parts disaster…!

Just had the front callipers replaced on the Twizy, got them online I’ll link here when I get the chance.