Twizy broken for the 4th time this year

So, I will send the car to the garage by tow truck to the garage on Monday morning.

Earlier this year

  1. the AUX-battery has been depleted and broken due to the hazard warning button turning on during a thunderstorm. Got a new battery and a new hazard warning button. This was in late May. I managed to start the car by charging the battery manually and drove it to the garage. They exchanged a door stop rubber as well.
  2. The hand break would not release. This actually was happening earlier as well, but I thought it was due to #1. Got a new hand break handle installed. This was in June. The car was towed as I this time couldn’t release it at all.
  3. On the way home I stopped and parked the car. Then it wouldn’t start again. The charging lid warning was activated. I managed to identify this and put in several layers of duct tape on the inside of the lid as I suddenly understood part of the problems starting the car that had happened. When the lid was in direct sun light the plastic got too soft and the sensor wasn’t pressed down fully. I drove back to the garage and they exchanged the sensor. I still have the duct tape on the lid as well in case the problem would come back. This was also in June.
  4. I now have an error message when trying to start or charge the car. Based on what I read the charger is probably broken. It is now November.

This car (Twizy 45 that may be driven from 15 years) is used by my kids as there is no public transport where we live. The point is that they should be able to get to school, sports practice etc. As it is now one can never trust that it starts.

The car is 18 months old. This is pure crap really. As I see it, it is not built to handle the salty winds from the sea during the winter. This is why things break in it. It is only built for the Mediterranean climate.

I will now try to get Renault to take responsibility for selling a car that can’t be used in this climate. I bet they will not take responsibility for it.

lets hope Renault sort you out, the Twizy is a fantasic ride.

some models seem to be plagued with problems whilst others have relative few issues.

fortunately by sharing all our experiences on this forum we seem to know all the potential weak points of the Twizy.

:thinking: :crossed_fingers:


One week, they haven’t even had time to look at it.

I contacted Renault and asked them whether this is the quality they have on their products and if they think this is reasonable. They answered we’re sorry that you are unhappy with our product. In what way may we assist you?

They obviously are not interested in assisting me as I already told them that I couldn’t get a Twizy-45 as a replacement during the repair and that my family no longer are willing to use it as they can’t trust that it will start.

Let’s see how they respond now that I asked them to take responsibility and solve all the problems their poor product quality causes for my family. I also asked them to give me some kind of assurance that they will prolong the vehicle guarantee after it passes two years in February. I am however not expecting them to help me at all…

I am now considering to sell this vehicle and by a petrol moped car instead. They seem to be more reliable.

Document everything and make sure you get their responses in writing if possible.
When you call them, if try hear on the telephone that ‘calls are recorded’ make sure you record them too.
If you then suffer loss of earnings due to on going issues or you feel the product quality is not what you were originally sold, you can look to start proceedings to recover loses.
I’ve often wondered why cars from dealers are always ‘sold as seen’ effectively even if brand new. It’s wrong. If you buy brand new you should be able to return a substandard product, especially if you can prove that the item you have received is below suitable quality.

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Got it back on Thursday, now it is broken again.

They replaced the AUX battery.

Today it beeps and STOP plus SERV are flashing.

After reading up on different issues with the different forums on the Internet I can’t come to any firm conclusion on the issue, but my best guess is that it is the AUX battery charger that is broken. It works sometimes, sometimes not. This then causes strange currents when it glitches.

The latest problems are the same we had sometimes when it failed in June.

This car has really not worked well since June. One common thing I have identified is that issues are worse when it is raining. This is suggesting that there is moisture somewhere causing the issues.

New symtom today. It is possible to drive the car, but it will not charge. The battery level just flashes in the car and then it stops.

Talked to the garage today. New charger ordered. This time they got error codes.

The garage told me that they are actually not allowed to look for problems that cannot be visibly detected or via the computer. So if I as in this case have a half broken component since June, they really can’t help me unless they manage to reproduce the error in a predeterministic way. If they open up things they will be responsible for the guarantee, not Renault.


Sounds like a rubbish garage , although most of them are these days.

Electric cars are the unloved future of the car mechanic :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I had a long talk with the mechanic yesterday. They are not allowed to do their own investigations, neither on Renault, nor on any of their other brands. If they do, Renault (or the other vendor) will not take the cost under the manufacturing guarantee. They end up in a Catch 22, they can’t help the customer unless the fault is obvious.

This last time I was lucky, because now they had an error code in the computer. Here we have another interesting thing, there is no backup for the error codes. If the car AUX battery empties (like it had done the last time and also the first time I had the same symptoms), the error codes are wiped. Well done Renault! You’ve made sure that it shall be hard to troubleshoot errors in the electronic systems.

Reading through your posts since the beginning it is seems to me that the charger has some water in or a contactor issue… still it normally keeps the error codes for main/Urgent alarms normally. So thos must be see with the Diag computer with Renault proper software.
It is strange and unfortunate that the garage is so poor and pitiful helping you here.
Let us know how it goes… good luck to you.

Thanks. I am also suspecting water in the charger. I will ask the garage to shake it at least…

As it is intermittent default the water could be just drops/humidity and in this case they/you won’t ear anything.
On the right side under of the Twizy and so right side the charger you could see a black pipe of about 8 millimeters of diameter plugged onto the charger itself, make sure it is not unplugg on cut alone his way under the driver seat.
If this pipe is in good shape and well plugged, it could be a charger seal that didn’t play his role during a rainy day…
Again, nothing sure here and it could also be a connector or a cable domaged.

its a good point but isn’t on the type two chargers

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I didn’t know that it was no longer onto the last charger’ version. How does the air expand during the charging (heating) time?