Twizy buying guide

Hi, I’m new to the forum. Ever since I had a go in a Twizy a couple of years ago I’ve wanted on as a fun runaround car. So this Christmas I’ve decided to treat my self with a Twizy. We had a Tesla Model S for four years now, so we are not new to EVs, but maybe there are some specific things that I need to look out for and be aware of when buying a used Twizy?

What I noticed is that there are quite a few very low mileage 4, 5 and even 6 years old cars out there. How do I check if the battery is ok? And what more to look for?

Is it better to get a pre 2016 or post 2016? Panoroof or not? All inputs are welcome.

And what about charging, is it possible to charge with a higher rate and Type 2?

I’m from Denmark, so if you know of any that want to sell their Twizy in Denmark, Sweden or basically somewhere where it can be shipped from to Denmark, then please let me know?

Thank you

its hard to tell how the battery has been looked after. Long periods left standing at either no charge or 100% are bad. However its the brakes to check first.

Most Twizys are sold without a battery. In those cases the battery has to be leased from Renault Finance. So check carefully for that and do read the fine print.

Hello Christopher. I have just bought a brand new Twizy from budgen motors in Shrewsbury UK. While I was there to pick it up a 2016 twizy came in for sale from a guy who had hardly used it . The condition was absolutely A1 and get this it had only done 130 miles. I do not know if this is of any use to you but I don’t think you could buy a better used Twizy. The contact is Andrew Heming 01743 445611 .Hope this helps.
Steve A

That’s not quite correct. In the U.K. all new Twizys are sold with the batteries, except you don’t own the batteries (traction). You have to lease it from Renault finance, as you said.