Twizy Cargo

There is a Twizy Cargo 14 reg with 724 miles going for £4500 in AutoTrader. Didn’t even know they do that in the UK. Personally I would have preferred that over a standard Twizy.
There is a doorless 12 reg with 500 miles going for only £2795. I am sure £2500 will buy that. Not bad to get Twizying :grinning:

i agree i would have preferred a cargo over my twiz although the dog wouldnt ha ha

I transport my full grown smooth collie in my Cargo :grinning: He knows who’s the boss though.

I thought the “boot” is totally enclosed. I feel a bit sorry for your poor collie :anguished: :anguished:

Haha, no he lies next to me. To be exact, his rear end of my dog lies between the chair and the door, the rest in font of the chair behind my feet. :sunglasses: It took some training…

no chance of that with taff he is 34 kilos a giant in the collie world never seen a bigger one