Twizy charger broken, outside of warranty - options?


(I’m new to this group but have looked for related topics from the recent past. Apologies if I missed anything relevant.)

I inherited a 2012-vintage Twizy in January of this year from a generous friend who didn’t need it or the money (beyond offloading the battery rental cost to me). I took over ownership and a new 3-year battery rental. I’ve been using it, and enjoying it, since then. Perfect for my commute and, despite my lack of off-street parking, I’m managing to charge at home.

On the weekend, the Twizy stooped charging. After a couple of times being a bit unreliable (apparently charging, but not increasing charge %), it then stopped responding at all to plugging into the 240V. Voltage was around about 246V at the time of the initial problem, but there is no response now, even when voltage is at 243V. The Twizy drives fine, but just doesn’t recognize being plugged in.

I took to Renault West London, and they have reported that the charger has failed and that the cost to replace and fit is around £960. Ouch.

Just before I cough up, therefore, I would just like to ask whether there are any other options I should consider. The battery is leased for another 29 months or so, so I assume that even if there were cheaper third-party chargers, it would be a risk (forbidden) to fit any such. Is there a cheaper source of OEM chargers, or chargers from wrecked Twizys, that could be fitted more cheaply, likely by someone other than Renault? Or are there any (sensible) more radical options, like giving the battery back to Renault and getting a specialist to put together and fit a souped up (i.e., more up-to-date) battery and charger. More expensive, but potentially a better bet medium term?

Apologies if this seems very naive, but £1000 is a lot of money to shell out. Bear in mind, though, that I didn’t pay for the Twizy, so I’m rationalizing this as saying that, knowing what I know now, I definitely would have bought one (and with a new charger) for a grand.

Finally, I have asked Renault to give me the old charger, when they fit the new one. They seemed reluctant, but I’m guessing that it belongs to me. I did have the idea of getting someone to look at it to check that it didn’t fail because of a basic manufacturing fault. I believe that, as a secondhand purchaser, I don’t have Consumer Rights, but if it were a manufacturing defect then it might be worth approaching Renault. It only has 3000 miles on the clock.

Thanks for reading.

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Do you know any electronics guru’s?
Might be worth taking the charger off and getting a electronics genius to have a look inside.
My 2012 Twizy charger is still the original so I am praying that mine keeps on going.
After spending £872 last week for all new brakes and MOT it’s a bill I do not want!
Good luck with the charger and keep us informed if you have any luck getting it repaired.


Sounds like you are not the only one with charger issues. There are a couple of UK places that might have a look at it and both would repair Twizy battery if you owned it.

|With failed electronics it can be a easy fix or a right pain needing specialist gear. If you can pull it out then the obvious starting point is to check for loose cables and that power gets as far as the charger… Then check inside for anything obvious before looking for ‘dry’ joints. After that you need to know what you are doing.

Where are you currently based? Perhaps we can direct you to someone helpful.

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Thanks. One problem is that the Twizy is with Renault West London, and it doesn’t have enough charge for me to drive it any distance. They will be wanting a decision very soon about whether to go ahead with charger replacement. I’ll probably need to go with it, but can get the old charger back off them, and maybe see if it can be repaired for someone else who later finds themself in the same position.

Best wishes, Mike.

Thanks very much.

See reply above to Andy. I probably don’t have enough charge to get the Twizy back home (which is London NW11), so unless there is a fairly clear alternative (i.e., someone who can pick it up and do the work in a different way/cheaper), I’ll need to swallow the bitter pill and get Renault to replace charger. I will try to retain the old unit, though.

Best, Mike

Mine has just gone in for the same issue, thankfully still in warranty