Twizy charger fault?

Why are Twizy chargers failing? I’ve had my 2012 Twizy a couple of years and everything I read about them going wrong has, the 12v battery not holding charge and expanding, plug cover flap breaking off and now after a year of knowing it was going to happen the internal charger has stopped working with Renault Bristol wanting to charge me £1060 for a new one.

I’m looking for a little support on this as I believe the original chargers where not fit for purpose as I know so many have been replaced. It seems criminal to demand over a grand for a car that has only done 9k miles.

Has anyone taken on IES synergy the manufacturers of the chargers and asked why their chargers have stopped working in first generation UK Twizys?

It is a worry it will fail. I wondering @grumpy-b got any where with seeing if they are repairable.

Have that many failed? The problem is where they sit in the Twizy. They can get wet and stones do bounce up and jam the cooling fans causing overheating. Always listen to the Twizy when it starts charging to make sure you hear the fans kick in ( a few seconds after power on).

It is unfortunate that you have so many problems, particularly the charging unit. But let’s be fair to Renault, do you really know that many that have been replaced? Or a slight exaggeration to prove your point.

mine was replaced January 2015 by Renault under warranty

I need some help with my 2016 twizy, it won’t charger, just plug it on the wall and the screen light up, but the fan power on star to charge and 10 seconds after stop and light up SERVI light up