Twizy collected

Collected the Twizy earlier today. Was a few hours driving, leaving Swansea last night to collect its trailer from Birmingham, then down to Portsmouth for an overnight stop, ready to collect Mr. Twiz.
Arrived nice an early at the sellers and after them moving three rows of cars, he had to be pushed out as the main 12V battery was flat, not ideal, but things happen.
Loaded up, headed back to Swansea,
Across the bridge back into Wales and a coffee stop at a friends garage to plug in and put his new plates on. With only the last 20 Miles to go, one of the tyres on the trailer blew, luckily I got a spare with the trailer, unlucky, I didn’t have a wrench the right size to change, so a call to the AA and I was back on the motorway within 25 mins, call to finish…not bad to be fair.
Stopped at local hand car wash, don’t normally as prefer to do cleaning myself, but needed to get rid of the dust/ grime and spiders webs. It was quite funny, when the chap started on the sides with his washer his face turned worried. as he thought initially I had left the windows down and he had wet the inside…
Finally back home and I got the chance to have a drive…very good fun…however I did call into pound land and got some gloves…my fingers were a little cold.
I even have just ended up nipping to the chippy in him…roll on the summer.
For tonight, a somewhat unorthodox cable routing through the letterbox has raised a little eyebrow from the better half!




Looking good and like the plate although maybe 240V would be more appropriate :slight_smile: . The trailer looks good too even if you had some initial problems. Hopefully things start going a bit smoother and you get it all sorted with the Parrot and windows. I know some people say don’t add windows, but for me they are needed in the this weather. Enjoy. :grinning:


Welcome to the Blue Colour Twizy Owners sub group. :slight_smile:

Watch the washing especially the bottom panel on the doors as it shows the scratches up.

Very unlucky with the trailer wheel. Good job there was a spare.

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Nice colour and welcome to the club

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Love the photos and the number plate!! :slight_smile:

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