Twizy Colour - Alloys

About to buy a Twizy Colour. It has steel wheels with trims.

Seem Twizy alloys on Ebay. If I buy them can the tyres be swapped over , or are they different sizes?

I am pretty certain they are the same, although fronts tyres are 125s and rears are 145s. Maybe someone else can confirm.

The owner’s manual only lists one set of tyre sizes, so I think you must be right.

The tyres will fit. It is a good idea to keep the steel ones for the winter tyres.

I’m buying the Elia Space wheels from Has anybody driven with these babies on?

As the German board is very active, there will be some Twizy-drivers who have the Schmidt/Elia wheels under their Twizy or have driven with them. So why don’t you ask there too?

I am sure that when you state your question in English, you will get a proper answer.

As an addition to the alloy question of the TS: be aware you need different bolts for them.

Thnx shtpnz. Much appreciated. The wheels are coming with everything including adapters, tyres, bolts and mudguards. The Elias are four bolts vs the usual Twizy three for those not in the know.

Wow! You get a beauty with them on!

Any chance of some pictures when you’ve got the wheels on. Thanks. Love to see them.

Will do. In the meantime, Here’s a couple from off the tinterweb.

Also there’s this on YouTube:

Thanks for the pictures. Wow, they are smart wheels. Are the tyres wider, they look quite a bit wider than standard. Also have they modified the wheel arches and lower front panels, as they are smooth and polished, not matt like standard. That looks good!!

@askho Aren’t they the original ones just wrapped like the silver sill in the bottom Picture?

I like the look of the smooth finish on the front bonnet and wheel arches.

You could well be right. Never thought of that. However the arches look wider than standard to cover the wider tyres, don’t you think?

I think it is just the angle the arches are a lot closer to the wheels than on mine.

All the chromed bits are available from Elia. Bloomin’ expensive additions though!!

All the custom bits are on Elia’s web page but most of the pictures aren’t available when I look on me pad. The video does give a better view.

I really like the grey indicators an are seriously tempted :+1:

Elia web page for those interested.

Sorry ask how, the tyres are 165s so considerably wider. The wheel arches are not the originals. They also come unpainted.

I will get some pictures of the package when it arrives, but that’s another 3 weeks :weary::weary::weary::weary:

Pete please give us an update! :smile:

Hi shtpnz, Due to a Parcelforce mishap, they still haven’t been delivered. Hopefully next week. The wheel adapters are due in a couple of weeks. Nothing’s ever as smooth as one hopes :frowning:

@shthpnz @askho

Wheels have arrived and have been fitted. Yeay !!!

Good news - Understeer vastly reduced; handling much improved; low profile tyres do not harden the ride significantly.

Bad news - Very heavy compared with the steelies; they lower power; they lower top speed unless OVMS is fitted; Mudguards do not come with brackets fitted and fitting instructions suggest cutting down your old 'guards. And gluing on top!!!

Alternative solutions - Fit rear sized tyres on front wheels (as posted on German forums); buy the 3 to 4 wheelnut adapters and find alternative wheels; or buy Twizy alloys off eBay and fit rear sized tyres at front.

Conclusion - These wheels won’t suit everyone, but I love the look of my Twiz even more now :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Before -

Ministromer wheel kit-

Diameter comparison (minimal)

Front comparison-

Front to rear comparison-

Finial result (pending mudguards)