Twizy comfort kit / MOT

Hi Twizy owners,

Does anyone have a comfort kit fitted
and put it through an MOT successfully?

Deciding whether to revert to the old anti roll bar rubbers or not.

You have the comfort kit fitted? Which version.
I have read mixed reviews on them…some.say they ruin the turn in, other say they are the best thing ever! I’d be interested in a UK based review of them for sure. How much do they cost these days?
I can’t see a MOT picking up on them being aftermarket and so shouldn’t be a problem. When I have mine MOTd the guy just laughs and says, well its so simple and rust free it’s going to be a pass…as long as the indicators and hazards don’t hyperflash.

Thanks @Kwh-hunter, yes I think I’ll leave them on and hope that the guy doesn’t question it.

I have the mk2 version of the comfort kit which does give a little more (probably only a cm) of softer suspension before the gargantuan antiroll bar kicks in*. The roads are so badly surfaced on the way to work that I wanted something to take the edge off it and to be honest I don’t throw it around so I haven’t really noticed any significant handling differences.
If you are lucky enough to have local roads that are not dug up and poorly resurfaced by house builders (and allowed to get away with it for some reason) and do chuck it around then I could see that yes these might not work for you.

*why is the antiroll bar like something off my estate car on this little thing. I think a good mod would be a more forgiving antiroll bar but I would imagine it would cost a hell of a lot to have one made.

I don’t know enough about suspension workings to be honest. If renaultsport set up the car, and designed it for smooth South of France roads, then I get why it is so harsh. But you’d have thought that it would be a bit more forgiving. I’m just not been sure about why it wasn’t designed with some springs like this in the first place… are there other cars / suspension set ups that do have springs there? It does look from the video like it definitely does something, but where the forces then end up, and if you are creating a weak point, I’m not sure.