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Twizy cover for sale - bespoke

I have a full renailt twizy cover for sale. Made by specialised covers. Fits perfectly like a glove, with no fear of it blowing away. This cover is also top to bottom, so covers the wheel, to protect the discs from corroding if outside. This will only fit the twizy with no doors, as the mirrors are in a different position
Located in plymouth
we also have the renault blanket that mounts on the side of the seat, and goes over your leg for colder weather…Dont know if renault still sell this. - offers

I’m defiantly after your blanket. I’ve sent a pm but not reply.
Do you still have it.
Send me a message.

Would love the blanket, but I live in Czech and imagine postage would be expensive. If you could give me an indication of the postage, I’d make an offer, as I drive my Twizy in very cold temperatures. I’ve no idea what Renault charge for a new one …