Twizy Cover - waterproof?

When I ordered my Twizy i wanted a waterproof cover as I thought that i might not use the car that much in the middle of winter. What Renault supplied was an indoor thin dust cover that is not waterproof at all.

I gather that they are working on releasing a full waterproof cover and they have promised to swap it out for me when this is released but word of warning to check the cover before you buy it and ask if it is waterproof or not?

Is this the one you bought?

I am after one but they are not ready yet.

If you go for an Argos type, remember you need a soft sheet between the car and cover to stop rubbing on the plastic parts.

Like the luggage bag. Renault have had to swap manufactures after the first supplier pulled out.


I have this one in a bag waiting to go back to Renault!

There is a waterproof one coming in September according to Renault London West

Blitzworld sell one that fits a Twizy quite well, and is waterproof. It’s just over £40, but it’s important to make sure you get the SMALL one. Ours is blue and uses a heavier weight material than the photograph.

has anyone tried any quad bike covers with any success?

Hey guys, went to Halfords today. They do something called a Bike Hut (Brand) Multi Use Waterproof/breathable cover in a bag. It has elasticated edges and fits the Twizy snuggly - I pulled it fown to the rear numberplate and over the front indicator Pods. Cost: £19.99 Bargin. (see link)

And here is Mine:-

Looks great thanks for the link:D

It has been suggested that all I need to do is cut a hole for the windscreen and I can stay dry as I drive.:lol:

:lol::idea::lol: excellent!

If you need a water proof cover for your Twizy, I think I have found the perfect solution. It is a Garden Table Cover made by florabest. Don’t laugh!!! It measures 160(W)x230(L)x90(H). As you can see it is almost made to measure for the Twizy. I have tried one on and it fits almost perfect. The whole of the front is covered including the wheels, and at the back, it is a tight fit round the cabin down to the wheels but not covering the wheels. It is also transparent so tax disc can be checked. The best thing about it, it costs £4.99 at Lidl.!! Check it out.

The Halfords ones, are they the single or the double bike cover? as they do 2.

Are they soft inside? so it does not scratch? I see Renault do one now, but its big £ for what it is.

The one I bought was to cover four Bicycles; cost £19.99… I think the brand was bikehut… Check my entry from about Nov.

Currently reduced by 20% to £15.99. I think I’ll get one!

Yes but if they are not soft inside the scratch bad, I have a proper smart car cover from Merc (to big for the twizy) and it’s soft inside.

Hi @system,

I’m interested if you still use the cover from Halfords and what your experience is/was. Or maybe you bought a new cover in the meantime? I just want to check how durable your solution was.

I’m a Twizy owner and created a waterproof cover from high quality materials. It costs € 99 and can be ordered at Maybe this could be interesting for you.