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Twizy Cover

My Location: Nantwich
Condition I’m looking for: New/Used/Both

Official Twizy Half Cover:
About to move soon and the Twizy may not be able to fit in the garage, so wondering if anyone has one of the official half covers they’d like to sell?


Hi Ben, I actually got a few covers for sell original from Renault. So far all the people that have bought one love it. Total with shipping would be 145euro or you can check out the link. I have it posted on eBay also. http://ebay.us/No5kFS?cmpnId=5338273189

I have the original black and white Twizy cover for sale. Brand New. Bought it, never used it.
This rare item is called ‘Protective cover for Renault Twizy Original Accessories 82 01 203 485’.
Two years ago the price was €225,- and stays €225,- or an equivalent in Pounds.

I can send it to the UK before your governement casts off the ropes.


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Sorry, not for sale anymore. (from march 2019 till now nobody reacted :slight_smile:)