Twizy Crash Test

This video should instantly make you all feel a lot safer. Look how strong that cage is around the driver!


Look how far backwards it jumps.

Some facts:-
The manufacture of tubular chassis for the Twizy, designed by Renault Sport in numbers is:
A 100% manual process.
Number of welded parts: 164.
798 welds representing a length of 37 meters.
179 fasteners.

Strength is the hand welded cage.

This 100 % handmade surprises me- I had a French car which was made of a safe tube structure and huge plastic body parts. If in 2016 the Twizy is still handmade, mass customisation could be offered? I would opt for a safety cage, handels in the ceiling and external cargo rack…

I had no idea it was hand made either :scream: